Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I am alive...more of March 2014

A couple weekends ago I was reading a few blogs and one of them was about why that particular person blogged.  It was for a lot of the same reasons I do.  I enjoy it, writing is fun, it is a way to look back at what has been going on, and it is relaxing (most of the time).  I have been in a little bit of a funk - nothing is really wrong - I am just a little 'off'.  So here I am!  Blogging to try to beat the funk!

Here is what all went on through March....

Hand and wrist therapy!!!!  I got out the rubber curries and was brushing the horses with my left hand.  It was good exercise for the hand and it made the horses feel good.

Me and Tripp having our self portrait fun!

Love their eyes....this is Ace.

Miss Epona...looking like she really doesn't have time for me or my antics...

Stormy wanting in on the action...

I went over to a friends to help butcher chickens one day.  I am going to share the fun pictures.  :-)

They have a few goats, raise and sell kids, and they milk their goats.  All critters at her farm are friendly, and the goats are no different.

They got some heritage breed turkeys a couple years ago.  These are Sweetgrass turkeys.  There is Squiggy, Laverne and Shirley.  Then came along Gulliver.  Gulliver is one of her hatched out turkeys we fostered, and since it was so much bigger than our guinea keets, I named him (turned out to be a 'her') Gulliver.  Gulliver went back home and then we ended up with Shirley for a while.  There is no other way to put it...she was being a little witch and attacking her dogs and anybody else who walked by.  The dogs know not to bother the birds and my friend didn't want to take a chance on the dogs 'forgetting' the we brought Shirley home to put in line with the ones that need to be butchered.  As luck would have it, Shirley changed her behavior and later went back home.

Hemi eating on ice chunks...

I was playing with Wyoming one evening and thought I would get on.  I did - twice.  The first time I got on and immediately got back off.  The wrist still isn't great and I was not sure how Wy would feel about it so I was playing it safe.  The second time I moved him away from the mounting stump and I could tell he was nervous.  We stopped and I felt him hump his back up.  I relaxed and tried not to hold my breath, then he relaxed.  I reached down to rub all over him and told him how good he is!  Then I got off while the getting off was good!  :-)

Our heritage breed turkeys.  Funny story on the turkeys.  We got them a few years ago with intentions of butchering them in the Fall.  Fall comes and I say "Hey, turkeys are on sale for a REALLY good price.  Why not winter the turkeys for a year and get some eggs next Spring?"  Brian thinks that is a great idea!  They are still here.....ha ha!  Pimp Daddy is a Black Spanish and the girls, one who is strutting like a Tom, are Blue Slates.  I really enjoy having them around.

Chase the llama wearing a snow cap.

We had a nice snow that covered everything, then it was gone just like that!

Laramie giving a crooked grin.  He is such a nut!

He looks like he is wearing Billy Bob teeth!

When I come home from work, these two are waiting for me.  :-)

My jeans are wearing out just right!  I thought about putting them on eBay and asking lots of money for them like the designer stores do.  It isn't cheap getting these kinds of worn marks on them!  Then I was walking through the shed and got hung up on a piece of wire, and it ripped out the back side!  It isn't the fashionable 'show your butt' type of rip.  It is the barbed wire L shaped rip - darn it!  These were my favorite pair!  (I can wear them at home when nobody is around)

It is hard to believe I am writing about March in June....where does the time go?

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says "The girl needs to take her time healing.  Lots and lots of time...."