Sunday, December 30, 2012

A little bit of snow in December...

A few days before Christmas we got about 3 inches of snow.   Just enough to cover everything and make it very pretty...

What is it about snow on pumpkins?  I don't know....but it makes me smile inside.  It would make me smile more if they were pumpkins we grew ourselves.  These were leftovers from Madison's party.


Outside the front door and to the left...a hillside of snow and covered branches...what a beautiful vision to walk out to each day.  

Then of course there are the fuzzy horses with a light layer of snow across their backs...

And what is Hemi to do on a snowy day???   You got it!

It snowed December 21st or 22nd....I don't remember now.  Most of the snow is still around.  Today it was supposed to be in the low 40's and I thought it would be enough to melt the rest of it.  I thought wrong....

Until later....Karen and Tripp who loves how his girl looks at him when he has a frosty rump.  :-)

What the heck happened to November?

I am in the mood to blog...and I got to thinking about November.  I know it was there, I know I experienced it, I know I lived through where did it go?  The months fly by so quickly these days...

The middle of the month is deer hunting season, and it being the non-productive season that it was for Brian and his family, he made good use of his time by sending me a self portrait.  :-)

 We had some pretty clouds....

Remember Hershey and Tripplette...the skinny mini's I got from the auction house?  They are not so skinny any more.  :-)

We got some rain....rain droplets on Wyoming's nose...

We don't have a big barn and it isn't fancy.  It does have a roof and a door so I can close Tandee inside during meal times.  And there is also enough room for everyone to hang out if they take a notion to share floor space.  Batman and Red are at the door, Hershey and Tripplette are behind them, and the white rump in the background is Tandee.  There is the other half of the barn behind them that we use for storage and feeding the mini's their special mix of feed. 

Red and Wyoming on a rainy day...


Thomas the 20 lb cat...since his adventures outside he has lost a couple of pounds...yay him!  He is hanging out in the barn a lot more which makes me happy.  A natural mouse chaser....

Wyoming with rain droplets in his fuzzy little locks...

Wyoming and Batman wondering why I am taking pictures of them when they just got 'out of the shower'....

The hay storage area doubles as a training riding area.  Wy had not been exposed to the tarps in quite a while and it was very windy.  The tarp ends were flapping all over the place.

He walked right up to them and nosed around.  The flapping tarps did not bother him at all.  There was a pile of excess tarp on the ground from a smaller stack and we rode over those without any problems.  I forgot I was not going to tell Brian we were riding over them, but I got excited one day about how well Wy was doing and it just blurted out of my mouth!  And that my friends is why we should not lie or withhold information.  Ha ha!  

Good ol' Hemi...sometimes when we talk to him he acts deaf he is ignoring me.  Of course he doesn't realize that he twitches his eyebrow my direction when he hears me coming... hee hee!

He is still sulking.....most of the time it is funny when he does this.  Even more funny that he feels he has a reason, and I don't know what it is.  :-)

Hemi makes these little monster sounds when he wants to be petted, and here he was giving Brian the sounds while Brian was doing something else.  I need to get the video converted over and get one posted.  It really is funny.

Hemi on a happy day!  He got himself a big bone and he loves it!

I was headed to town one day and I saw a big buck deer to my left.  He was big bodied with a huge perfect rack, and it appeared like he was going to follow the fence line along the road.  I slowed down and grabbed my camera .....sure enough, he jumped the fence and crossed the road.  My little camera just isn't quick enough to get two shots of him going across, but I did get him coming over the fence.  If you make the picture big (click on it) I have marked where he is, and you can see his silouette.  He sure was a handsome fellow!

While perusing the produce section at Hy-Vee one day I noticed these prickly little things.  Every once in a while when I see something new and not too expensive, I try it.  This is called the Rambutan. Here is a web site about the fruit...the pictures they show must be fresh ones because these were on the verge of brown:
They are prickly but not like a cactus.  I had no idea how to eat them or what to expect.... I sliced thru the skin all the way around it long ways, and peeled the skin back.  The fruit looks like a peeled grape and to myself, it almost had a grape flavor.  There is also a pit in the middle, so don't go biting down thinking there is nothing there.  The flavor was awesome!

And this is what the empty skin looks like.

I was fixing breakfast one morning and thought this looked pretty...

I took a walk one night and on my way back up the hill the dark blue sky and the barn light were reflecting on the pond.  It looks better if the picture is big.  :-)

Hemi:  "I get to go for a ride and you don't...."

Hemi:  "Okay, Mom, can I get in now?"

Hemi hopped in the back seat maneuvering around my horse stuff that I carry around with me.
His other family used to take him everywhere, so loves rides and is a great traveler.  The horses are my therapy, and going for a car/truck ride is his therapy.  :-)

The visual part of my the ears....paying attention but in a relaxed sort of way...

Self portrait of me and Rico...

Shadow shot of me and Tripp...

Tripp and I riding...I really do love that bright halter!

I love Tripp's mane looks 'mustangish' like the mustang he is.

Now wouldn't this be a great picture if it was not for the two flies on his forehead?  Ha ha!
I love the light on each side of his face...

Tripp in yawning mode....

Oh my gosh, now this was a day!  I took Wyoming for a ride to a friends place so he can get used to going other places without his horse buddies.  When we got back I needed to clean the truck out, so I thought I would tie him up and he can learn a little bit of patience.  He is not normally a vocal horse so you can imagine my surprise when I heard him start whinnying.  He was one ancy dude....all worried about his horsey friends that he could see but not get to.

Wy:  "I can see my friends if I look this way!"

 Wy:  "Hmmm, I can't see my friends as good if I look this way."

Wy:  "The girl did something up if I can just un-do what she did, then I can go on my merry way...."

Wy:  "Darn it!  The girl is good...maybe I can just root my nose this direction and pull free."

Wy:  "Okay, nose rooting doesn't work, so I will just stand here all cute to give the girl the illusion that I am learning how to be patient...and maybe she didn't notice the nose rooting out..."

Wy:  "Oh oh, the girl isn't buying it...I can tell by the look on her face."

Wy:  "The girl always talks about never giving I will try this again.  There has to be something to this!  The girl does something up there that keeps me from leaving when I want to...."

Wy:  "And maybe if I root my nose this way this time....ouch!  Hit the end...nope, that is not working either.  Darn it!"

Wy:  "Do I really need to go anywhere else?  Why can't I just be happy standing here NOT working?  Ha ha!  Joke is on the girl!  She is working...I am not."

Wy:  "I am not going to let the girl know that I am fine so I will give the illusion that I am practicing my stretches for Pilates class....ummmm, what is Pilates anyways?"

Wy:  "Okay, the reality is I am mad.  And I will not look at the girl.  I know she loves to look into my eyes, smooch all over my face, and it makes her do this thing that shows her teeth but not bite me.  Nope....not looking...."

Wy:  "Still not looking....I will act like I care what is over here....  Hmmm, what is over here?  (wink wink)"

Wy:  "The girl thought she would trick me.  She is in the trailer cleaning out what I left for her and she thought I would just HAVE to look because she says something about me being nosey....nope, not doing it."

Wy:  "Hmmmm, she is right, I do have a cute butt."

Wy:  "Maybe just one little peek...."

Wy:  "DOH!  I think she saw me!"

Wy:  "Okay, I can't handle it any more...what are you doing in there?  HEY attention to me!"

Wy:  "Oh, the girl knows what I like!  I like to be scratched with the thing that takes away the stuff I left for her.  It feels sooooo good!"

Wy:  "Ohhhhh....nicker this!"

Wy:  "A little bit lower and to the middle...yep, you are almost there...."

And this is what part of my November was.  :-)  I seem to stay busy and stuff is always going on, but I can not seem to keep up with it.  That is okay....who says I have to?  :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who wants his butt scratched with the thing that takes Wyoming's presents away...