Friday, July 20, 2012

....we were told we can be anything we want to be here...

......and we want to be a Mustang!

We will tell you the story....a girl came to our horse auction.  She and a friend were walking around looking at everything, then they found us in the very back pens.  She knew something was up because we did not have those sticky number things on our hip or shoulder, and we were what you would call "on the thin side."   It is okay...sometimes crap has to happen for good things to happen bigger.  That is what we were told growing up anyways...

This girl petted and loved on my sister, the black one, while I was just tired and did not want to be bothered.  I stayed at the back of the pen making like I was 'resting my eyes' while the whole time keeping a look out.  Why would this girl bother to hang out with us?  She just needs to go away or at least be quiet...she talks too much!  (could it be jealousy because the brown one wants to be loved on too?)

I heard her saying something about my sister looking just like her Mustang at home, so she thought she needed a 'mini him'...whatever that is.  Me?  I just kept my mouth shut and out of the way for now!

Then it happened!!!  It really did!!!  She came back!!!  We were told growing up that we can be anything we want to be, and that is exactly what this girl said too!  We secretly wanted to be mustangs, running in the wind, wild and get the idea. 
The girl came back with a non-girl (that be Brian) and they had halters in their hands.  Doh!  Could this really be happening?  The girl came into our pen and loved on BOTH of us a bit, then she put the very new looking purple halter on me!  ME!  They also had another halter but the ladies from the auction place had a black one that fit perfectly, so they put that one on my sister.

I know it doesn't look like it now, but we had a loving home and are very friendly.  We know how to walk around with humans, kind of like a dog on a leash, and we showed the girl and the non-girl how we could jump up in a tin can box!  (horse trailer)  The girl showed her teeth and made a hee hee hee sound...I hope that is good!  :-)

Fast forward about an hour, and here we are, ready to jump off the tin can box into our new yard!
By the way, I (brown one) don't have an official name yet.  They have came up with a few ideas but I just can't decide which one I like best.  I will let them know when the time is right.
The girl is calling my sister Tripplette to kind of match the name of her black mustang, Tripp.  I have to admit that is kind of cute! 

The ladies at the auction place told the girl that they put us out in the grass lot but we did not act like we knew how to eat grass.  WHAT?  Here we are showing you how we don't know how to eat grass!  The girl is smart - she said something about other horses being out there and maybe we could not relax enough to eat.  Bingo!

This non-girl is very unique.  Most non-girls are not all lovey dovey, and I would not say he is lovey dovey, but I can feel a sense of something good in him.  Warm and fuzzy almost...
Maybe it is because he is letting me eat grass and I am disillusioned.  :-)

Hi, I am Tripplette and I don't talk much.  My actions are my words.  Sniff sniff...there were other equines in this very spot!

Oh here, let me pose for you.  Notice my sleek lines, cute face and my long tail that drags the ground?

 The non-girl was easy to follow...I think I hear some other horse family members back here!

Ummmm, this is not a horse family member.  This is a long ears!  And now I have one for my very own!  (Little does she know she has 3 of them!)

Yummy!  Clover!

Why are you bothering me?  And what is that thing?  Does it taste good?

Yep, smells like chicken!

OMG!  What the heck is that, and why is it almost as big as me?  Oh wait, it is black too, is it my brother?

Oh oh...I heard these are spitting machines!

Oh hey boys, wink wink!

YOU BACK OFF!  I DON'T ROLL THAT WAY!  BESIDES, I AM FLIRTING AND YOU ARE CRAMPING MY STYLE!  Sorry, I didn't mean to yell.  It has just been a while since I have been surrounded by cute guys!

My cheek sticks out and I have a bump on the bottom of my jaw.  My girl....oh!  Did you read that?  I said MY girl!  Snort nicker...anyways, MY GIRL says she is going to look at it better this weekend (whatever that means) and we will be making a trip to the vet soon to get checked out.  She says he is very nice.  I wonder if he is cute?

OMG!  Chickenzilla!

Oh geez, I heard about girls like this one.  Self portait here, self portrait there, self portrait everywhere!  CHEEEEESE!!!!!

Hi, Brown one here, and sometimes things just happen that make you laugh.  The girl is concentrating so hard on getting a picture of my pretty brown eye....not realizing what is going on in the background.  Really girl???

So this is the famous Batman?  He is CUTE CUTE CUTE!

He is so big and strong!  Hey big boy!

Then I met Wyoming.  Wyoming is a real mustang and has been thru a lot.  He told me his story....

Hi Hershey, yes, I think I shall call you Hershey because your coat color and eyes are like Hershey milk chocolate.  I just want you to know that I have had quite a journey.  I lived here, lived with another lady who still loves me and keeps in touch, came back here, went to a ranch where things went wrong, then came back here...even more skinny that you are.  I know it is hard to believe considering how buff I am now.  Snicker snort!  Yes, you can be anything you want to be here - you are now a mustang!  And yes, you were told the truth.  Sometimes crap happens for better things to happen bigger.  You will be happy here.  Is it perfect and cushy?  Nope.  But life is good...

So there you have it.  We have a new home and I think we will be just fine!  We are lucky because the ladies at the auction place kept us and fed us the past month, so we are already better.  Then this girl and the non-girl came along to give us a home.  I can't wait to see what the future brings!

Until later, Karen and Tripp who thinks Tripplette is very cute and worthy of being a mustang.  He doesn't think Hershey is half bad either!  ;-)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

I miss the rain...

June 16th....not that long ago but it feels a VERY long time ago.  It was overcast (or so I thought) so I headed out for a short ride.  I was out for just a few minutes when the dark clouds started rolling in then KAPLOOSH!  Wind and rain like crazy!!!  It was very dry so the rain was welcome, even if it was coming down in sheets.  Nevada stood under the edge of the canopy where the water was running off....he was so relaxed and happy.

Nevada giving a smile for the camera....this was one happy mustang!

Until later....Karen and Tripp who wants everyone to know he is a happy mustang too!  :-)

Hemi has a Spa Day!

Columbia Second Chance is a no-kill facility for dogs and cats.
We support them and the local humane society, which is not to be confused with HSUS.  We have adopted a couple of dogs from Second Chance and appreciate that there are facilities like them across the country! Saturday was one of the fundraisers they were doing....Doggie Wash and clipping toe nails.  We splurged and did both!

I started out taking a couple of pictures and did not check the setting....they all glowed!  Thankfully when I handed the camera to Brian, he looked to make sure it was on the normal setting.  Whew!

Hemi started out with this little gal clipping his toe nails.  He stood so nice...then he decided laying on his back for a belly rub would take care of two things at one time.  Getting a pedicure and getting the belly rub a King like him deserves.  :-)  Up to this point, they said he was the easiest dog they had done.  We were proud of him!

Then came time for the bath!  He needed help hopping into the suds tub.  I personally think he was looking for more attention seeing as he was the King of the show for a while.

He scrunched up his face when they put water over his head.  He said "WAIT!  I did not sign up for this!"  (It was all fun and games when he was the center of attention without having to do anything but look cute.....hee hee!)

Awwww man, really?

Oh long does it take to wash the face of a King?

Then he headed to the rinse tank!  The day was so hot, and the water coming out of the hose was nice and cold....maybe this was worth it after all. 

I love smooching his wrinkled face.  I figure this is as close to kissing a Manatee that I will ever get.  :-)

Time to get toweled off...which doubles as a massage!  Hemi liked this lady...even tho she washed his face in front of all his new friends, she was very proficient at towel drying him and talking sweet to him.

Hemi was talking to the cute boxer girl that needed a home.  If we did not have the other two girls already, I would have thought about it.  She was much smaller than Hemi but she had a face that would match him.

Thank you lady for making me smell purdy!

After his bath he visited one of the many buckets of treats.  Hemi wanted a dog bone snack and carried it around with pride.

Brian took Hemi for a short walk before putting him in the car...he is still carrying his dog bone.  (Hemi....not Brian....snicker snicker)

Time to go home already?

I am not asleep...I am bird watching.

.....not asleep.....resting my eyes.....lots of birds out there....


It was a quick trip to town for the Doggie Wash and we had fun!  As we left a lot of dogs and humans showed up, so it looks like they were going to have a very successful fundraiser.  Yay!!!!  Hemi made a lot of new friends....he is like a magnet!  Everyone just loves him!  Before he came to live with us he lived with a family that had kids, and they went on walks and took him driving around.  He was socialized and loves to get out.  When Brian takes his kids from here to there, he usually takes Hemi with him.  Hemi is a very special dog and a lot of people love him....

Until later...Karen and Tripp who prefers to remember his girl kissing horse noses, not bulldog noses.

Hey! I had my helmet on, so what is the problem? :-)

 I am really, I am young!  :-)  BUT....there is always a BUT...I am young enough to do whatever I want, but just a bit slower.  Or I might have to be more careful because I am not near as agile or springy as I once was.  I am carrying a little bit of extra 'real estate' on the back side so that makes a difference too.  That is one 'BUT' I think about.  The other one is BUT I DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON THE FUN STUFF I USED TO DO!  SAFE OR NOT!"  Regardless of the outcome it was always fun...and I am finding myself at that mind set again.  There are some things I cannot do for financial reasons - just like most of us - but I never want to regret not doing something I know I could have done!  So let the games begin....slowly....ha ha!

As I have mentioned, Romeo is pretty layed back.  I don't always want to get the halter out, and I don't always want to do ground work.  Sometimes I just want to get on to see what will happen.  I have a sticker for my motorcycle helmet that says 'Famous last words "Hey!  Watch this!"'  Well, I don't plan on those being my final last words...I plan on being able to say it a lot!  So I got out my 3" brick (I am 3" shy of being able to jump up on him....I know because I tried different boards to see how much distance I needed to work on) and hopped up on him.  I figured he would mosey around...and if I was wrong and he did something crazy I would practice an 'emergency dismount' of my choice.  :-)

First he walked to the barn door waiting for Tandee to get done eating...then I asked him to move off to the right so Brian could get a picture.

The only thing Brian has a problem with is the low canopy...he is worried about me getting hurt when we go under it.  Well, we went under it and Brian was holding his breath while I leaned over to clear it.  He did not even think to get a worries.  Then we went under the canopy on the other side and I grabbed a hold of the fence railings and slid off.  We were going slow and I needed to know I could get off, and he would not panic as my body dragged across him.  No problemo!

I got back on and we moseyed the other way...this was also helping me get used to sitting on him bareback.  By the way, I figured it out.  Even tho he moves me back to the sweet spot, I still feel like I am going over his shoulder when he turns.  It feels a lot different than Tripp and Wy.

The group was congregated around the bale buddy minding their own business, and we meandered around them.  I was not worried about getting kicked because they all get along real well.  My only concern (not a big concern) is Chase...he spits at them and likes to body slam them out of his way.  I can usually give him 'tone' in my voice and he gives me a dirty look and moves on...but not always.

As we were coming around, Romeo moved Wy out of the way which caused a chain reaction.  They all moved out of the way.  We were right by the bale buddy and I decided to slide off that because I knew it would make a weird noise on the fabric stuff....I was laughing so hard because I never would have thought I would be practicing an emergency dismount on a bale buddy!  This one surprised Romeo more but not bad....he comes right back.

When I first started all this I said to myself "The worst that can happen is I will fall off, right?"  As we were walking along, I decided I did not want to fall off.  The ground is still hard even from a short horse.  Ha ha! 

BUT....I HAD FUN!!!! 

Until later.....Karen and Tripp who says in a very sarcastic way "But...I had fun!  Anybody can ride a slow horse without a halter on!  Geez!  Mom, really????"