Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It started out ugly, but we got sunshine! Woo Hoo!


Okay, this picture really was not taken today, but we were happy that day too! This is Ajax, one of our BLM burros, and I.

I had to work 1/2 day today and the morning started out really ugly! I left the house and we had a rain/snow mixture going on. I got to work and it was only raining in town...but after about an hour it started snowing and got cold real quick again. You know what that means! Everyone gets in a hurry to beat the slick roads, but they wait until the roads are already slick, and they then visit the ditch. There were several of those this morning...thankfully the ones I knew about were minor. Hopefully the rest were too.

By the time I got home this afternoon, the sun was shining, it was still cold and windy, but I didn't care. I was so excited to see the sun! I spent the rest of the afternoon outside. A few of the horses needed to be dewormed, so I got that done. I got the front feet of Halo, one of our mustangs, trimmed. I need to get the back done too, but she was having a major attitude moment! She was actually kicking at me - on both sides! I watched her face and she didn't look mad and she didn't act like she was in pain. She was just annoyed and thought she would relay that message to me. I tried different ways to get the trimming done and I really thought she would let me trim from the top, but she was on to me! So I decided to put the trimming/filing stuff away, and we would just work on picking up and holding rear feet. It was not much fun for her, but we worked it out. I am hoping that next time we can get the rears done. If not...we will do some more pick up and holding. I would have worked her but there is still a lot of ice on the ground. Just not I worked with what room I had under the canopy.

I wish I would have got some video of the turkeys on the ice. For some reason they need to follow me (or whoever) around the pen, and they hurry when doing it. Well, they are not real graceful on ice, and it is quite humorous to watch them slide around. I guess I should not laugh. I have to hold on to the panels in order to stay on my feet.

ACK! Just occurred to me that this is the bad thing about the sun shining today. There were several areas that melted and made little puddle pockets on the ice, which means it will be nice and smooth tomorrow. Oh well, I enjoyed the day anyways, and I will just be more careful tomorrow. :-)

I went thru my blog and looked at some of the pictures from the was fun to look back on that journey. It reminded me of the neat people I met, of what I learned I could do myself, that I am looking forward to doing it again, and it reminded me of how lucky I am. I still get very emotional about some of the things I experienced, and I wonder if anybody else still gets that way too. There were so many of us who don't show, etc., so it was a pretty big deal for us! I also wonder if those who have been training for a while, and/or show or compete, also feel that way. Hmmmmmm....

I have also been reading the blog of some of the competitors for the Northwest Extreme Mustang Makeover. That group of trainers have had their horses for about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, and I love reading about their progress! I am so impressed that those trainers do not let the weather get in their way! This past summer it got so hot and humid, not to mention too much rain, and I found myself wondering if I would rather do a winter training session. The answer is "No way!" I will take the heat and mud over the ice any day! Now if we just had regular snow, cold weather, etc., I might be able to tough it out. It would be an excuse for me to the get the pink coveralls that I think I need...but I refrain from getting them because they would not stay pink very long. :-)

Guess I have babbled on long enough....

I hope everyone has a great holiday season! Be safe and be happy!

Karen and Tripp


Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Hey Karen,
Hope you & Brian (& all of the animals) had a great Christmas. You probably don't want to hear this but Christmas morning Kirstin was wearing a short sleeve shirt-that's how warm it's been here. Unfortunately, that's also how dry it's been here. Here in South Texas if we get a day like you described we shut down-most don't have a clue how to drive on ice because it just doesn't happen that often. Last time we had a day where there was ice on the road was a couple of years ago. I don't mind too much nothing an unexpected paid day off.
Anyway, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas & here's to an Exciting New Year!

Karen C. said...

Priscilla, guess what I did yesterday morning? I went out to feed in a t-shirt! I was so excited and thought I would sit outside and read a while, then a few minutes later a big storm came in and it rained most of the day! Sure wish we could blow some of it your direction! We had no rain a couple of years ago, then this past year was too much rain.

Until later...Karen and Tripp