Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did you know that humans have armpit muscles?

Yep, we have armpit muscles...I know this because mine are sore today. The day after a fall, and the day after the day after a fall are the worst. BUT...I am doing good! My jaw is sore, I have had a headache most of the day, and I have a big bruise on my inner thigh - I think I might have hit the horn. I asked Brian since he got to see the whole graceful event, and he doesn't remember me hitting the horn, but he said it makes sense. Tripp dropped his head and swung around to the left and I came over his shoulder, so the angle would have been right....HEY! Wait a minute. If he swung around it was because Brian was standing in front of him - so it is Brian's fault! HA HA HA!!! I found a way to blame my husband for me not staying in the saddle!!! HA HA HA!!!! (Just kidding baby - I love you!)

This morning I went out to feed and the ground was frozen again, so I got Tripp and we headed to the bigger round pen. We did a bunch of ground work and then I rode him. We did a lot of the basics and it went great. I have to admit, going back to the basics is fun because I get to communicate with Tripp different than when I am riding. It also reminds him of what he can do well so he has lots of successes.
Anyways, he was his old self again. After we were done in the pen, I took him for a walk thru the woods. It was breezy instead of that crazy wind we had yesterday, and he didn't act like he cared one bit. Actually, I think he is a little sore too. Maybe he will remember this the next time he gets full of himself. :-)

Brian took some big bales out today and I had all 4 donks in one pen until Brian got done. Summer, the smaller one I am babysitting loves hanging out with the boys. Jester is not in the picture - he was hiding.

From left to right we have: Summer, Zjax and Ajax.

Here is a head shot of Jester...can't leave him out.

Okay, when Tripp and I went for a walk I found a neat bone. There were a couple of other bones by it that looked like chicken leg bones, but this bone isn't a chicken! It looks more like an Alien! Pretty cool, eh?

Another angle...

That is about it for the day.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Until later...Karen and Tripp


Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Interesting Alien looking skull-any idea as to what it is? I kind of looked around on the internet & I couldn't find anything that looked like it. Weird. Let me know what it is, if you ever find out.
Armpit muscles, who would of guessed it? You gave a new meaning to my entire body is hurting. Glad to hear that you are alright and kudos to Tripp for stopping like a good boy-we all know what John Lyons has to say about that, don't we? Thanks for reinforcing what I always tell Kirstin. I always have her roundpen Taz, then she saddles him and then some more roundpen work before she jumps in the saddle. Her first couple of go rounds she will do in the round pen working on turns and stops and then she gets to ride around outside of the roundpen. It's so easy to forget that these guys are still learning, esp when they are as well behaved as Tripp or Taz.
A video or pics would have been great-not just educational but entertaining. HaHa.
Take Care,

jill said...

That is a neat bone. Maybe it is a pelvis? Do you know what it is? Could it be a missing guinea? How big is it? We needed the ebay ruler technique to gain perspective, or are you just trying to scare us and it is just mouse size? I loved your ground shot of Tripp so much I went and videoed while laying on the ground. They were very scared of me, got lots of snorts and blows. I found a new desensitizing exercise. Thanks Karen!

Tracey said...

I tried posting the other day but Blogger wasn't letting me.

That bone is really interesting. Skull? Pelvis? Strange...

I've got an award waiting for you, dear!