Sunday, December 27, 2009

Decorations at The Horse Farm...

I have my camera back, and I am going to do a couple of entries instead of putting a gazillion pictures on one. :-)

The Horse Farm ( is about 20 minutes from us, and she decorated their barn and had a small tour the past couple of Saturdays. Brian's son took riding lessons there for a while so we became real close to her and her horses. Sharon is a wonderful person who doesn't believe a horses life is over just because they are 20 yrs old. She is also one of the special people who can give lessons to kids AND adults both. A couple of her older horses had moved on, and there are some new ones to take their place. It was fun to go out and visit a while, and to see the pretty decorations. The weather was yucky out - very bitter cold and windy and still snowing (but thankfully not as much as other places).

Sharon got some corn stalks from the Amish and she built herself Cornelius the Horse. She has a beautiful little black Arabian that she took measurements of, and she built Cornelius based on her measurements. I was very impressed! Cornelius was wearing the whole harness!
Here are Brian's kids, Jordan and Madison, with Cornelius the Horse.

And here we are with Cornelius the Horse...

Front of the barn...

Close up of the wreath...they were so pretty.

When you walk inside she has music playing, there is garland and home made crafts around the tops of the stalls, and the manger scene in the hay loft. It was soooo cool! She made the manger scene out of things she had around the farm, and she said that once in a while when you walk in, one of the barn cats comes crawling out of the baby manger.

She has stocking for each horse, and she had to quit putting stuff in them because the mice were chewing them up. The names are held on by velcro. The person who made them did a great job!

Then there is Rusty, one of the farm mascots. They lost a dog a long time ago and picked Rusty up as a pup. She has grown into quite the dog!

Before we left, another couple was out braving the weather for a visit. We had a very nice time and we got caught up on what all has been going on.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! Well, I guess it isn't over yet! New Years is right around the corner. Wow...time sure does fly....

Until later, Karen and Tripp who likes snow

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