Thursday, September 8, 2011

Blue the Coon Dog....

This summer we had a coon dog show up at the house....he was laying under the bush in the driveway.  I don't dislike coon hounds (or any hounds) but they are not the type of dog I gravitate towards.  Well, there was something about the way this big guy looked at me that just captured my heart.  He was gentle, loving, and he made himself right at home when I let him in the yard.  The other two female dogs took a liking to him too (which is a miracle because they can be pretty witchy) he was allowed to stay.....unless someone claimed him.  Of course I had to give him a name, so I called him the classic coon hound name - Blue.  :-)

Blue got an introduction to self portrait time...he got pretty good at it!

Awwww shucks.....she said I was cute!

I think I will give her the "I am a confident coon hound" look....

I told Brian that I knew good coon hounds were worth a lot of money, so someone was probably missing him and it was only right to put an ad out.  We did - and we were very vague in the ad.  We did not mention markings or color (they come in reds too)....just that he was very friendly.

I got the call at work and the girl mentioned the notch out of his ear, and a couple other things about his dogenality that made me KNOW it was him.  It was her boyfriends dog.....she came to get him and we both cried.  Her - because she is a girl (like me...hee hee!) and a huge animal lover, and she could see how comfortable he made himself here, and she was happy to get him back.  Me - I loved Blue but was happy he found his people.  I lost a puppy once and was literally sick to my stomach.  He was returned to me from some people down the road where Phantom had wandered.  We had visited the day before and they had small they found Phantom playing with their dogs.  So it was a mixture of emotions.

She said if Blue (come to find out that was his real name...ha ha!) came back that she would not tell her boyfriend - and he could stay.  I let her know if he came back I would call her to let her know he was okay......well, I have not seen Blue so I am guessing he is doing okay.

Until later....Karen and Tripp who thought I was a little too chummy with Blue!


Kirstin's Mustang Project 2011 said...

Blue has the sweetest face that I have ever seen. Hope all is well. Tell Tripp that that Koehlers said hi. Hi to you and Brian as well.

Michelle said...

Awww.... You couldn't help but fal in love with Blue. How sweet!