Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I should raise pigs....

...they would love this weather! We got a HUGE rain last night, and this morning it was a mud pit again. This year was not as bad as last year, but it still has been a challenge. So I have decided I need to raise pigs. Plenty of mud to make them happy!

Copper is still doing well, and I do what I can without doing anything too crazy. I am a chicken - and I am afraid of him slipping in the mud and falling if I get up on him and do something to scare him. Better safe than sorry. I am still tickled to be up on him, so no major complaints here!

Today I left Batman in with Copper. Batman has been depressed since Tiger left, and he has not quite got over it. We trimmed Batmans hooves last night and he did pretty good in spite of a couple of bratty fits that he threw. He finally stood there and was making mean faces the whole time. He is a case!

I really should be looking for the receipt for my camera but I keep putting it off. :-)

Hope everyone is doing well! I looked up the adoption prices for the Texas EMM and they were not too bad! I wish I knew who went home with their trainer and who didn't. To everyone who wanted to keep their mustang - I hope you did! You all are winners just by being there! It really makes me sad to think what these poor mustangs are going thru right now, but it makes me happy that there are so many people who believe in them, and are showing everyone else what great horses they are. The experience levels of the trainers go from beginner to professional, and I think that is awesome because it shows that anybody can work with these amazing horses if you have patience, give them time, and just love them. Okay, it is food that really makes them realize you are not too bad, but I like to think it is more than that. :-D

Gotta go....

Until later...Karen and Tripp

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wilddunz said...

Peppermints work too :-)