Sunday, October 11, 2009

It is official....Batman is our farm mascot!

These are repeat pictures...but he is worth it!

I will try to make a long story short. November of last year I started babysitting some mini horses and a mini donk. As time went on one of the mares got more round and more round. That is when Batman came along. Batman is now 5 months old, and he started weaning himself early on.

The divorce of the couple became final, and it was time for the estate auction. The minis were ordered to be part of the estate. We were just sick...but it had to be done. This was Batmans first trip, and three hours in the trailer took a toll on him. He was tired, and looked so depressed. He just did not understand. It broke my heart! The horses were to be auctioned off at noon, so in between I spent a lot of time in the trailer with them. I got them some water and we took some hay with us. That helped.
Then it was time...I was trying not to cry, and I did not look at the crowd. They started with the horses, and they did it as CHOICE! Meaning they started the bid, and whoever won got their choice out of the two mares or Batman. I panicked a bit...that could have been good or bad. I kept my mouth shut about wanting Batman because I did not want someone trying to get him out of spite since I was keeping them for the lady of the house. (not a friendly divorce) Thankfully I won the bid, said I wanted the colt, then they started with the girls. Brian hugged me and hugged me...I was so worried. You just don't know with people, ya know? Plus he is small, a buckskin, a stud so those people who still breed everything they have would have dollar signs in their eyes...oh yeah, I had all sort of stuff going thru my mind.

Anyways, we got Batman, and he is now officially Batman Cooper!

He is happy to be home!

Yep...very happy!

His trip home was good. One man bought both mares so we delivered them on the way home. He has a Shetland stud horse who is cute as he can be, and he is built like a tank! Wow! He was happy to see the girls. This guy grew up driving small horses, then they went to bigger horses, then he went to riding, then he decided he is too old to be starting riding horses and is going back to driving small ones.

Batman handled the trip home pretty well. We made a couple stops and while Brian took care of getting dinner (it was late) at one stop, and getting as at the other stop, I sat in the trailer with Batman. He was so happy to be home, and today he was just fine. He is back to being the sassy little guy from two days ago.

Another family who loves all kinds of animals got the donk. I was worried that someone would want her for roping since she isn't tame, but thankfully she isn't going to a fate such as that! Yes, I think donkey roping is horrible! Summer was a challenge to get from our trailer to the other, but we got it done. These people will gentle her and love her. She just needed time...and with all the horses here, I just did not have the time to put in to her. I would have loved to keep her since she had her donk friends here and they could talk 'donk talk', but we could not justify it. There were two very nice people interested in her. She went for a little more than the horses did!

So, all is good. I get so attached to the animals, so seeing them go was hard. Dealing with Batman at the auction was the worst, but it all turned out well. Brian made me feel better by reminding me that within the past 4 months, we have 20 less hooves to trim! HA HA!!!! Good point! I am all better now! :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp


nikki said...

I didn't realize the minis were in such a tough situation. I'm glad they all got good homes and am SUPER glad that Batman went home with you guys. I love reading about his antics and watching the videos with the batman music! :)

Angela said...


Jill said...

I had no idea the donkey was the high seller. What the heck, with the last story I heard about her, she should count herself a lucky donkey. She might even get more attitude if she realizes that. I am so happy the Batman stories will continue. And once again, as usual, the pictures say it all!!

mkyamse said...

YAY! Glad you were able to bring him home. I would miss the cute pics.