Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our meeting with the ditch....

We have had a lot of snow this winter. Not a lot as in feet of it, but it has stuck around a long time. The past couple of weeks, it has snowed overnight every single night and put just enough on the roads to be dangerous. There are slush pockets under the snow too, and that is what got us!

We are driving along real slow, minding our own business, make it around the curve okay and I am feeling very comfortable with Brian's driving. (not always that way!) Then I felt the front tires lose their traction and the front end started to move to the left. We slid a little bit and all of a sudden it gripped the road and shot us to the ditch. We slowed down as the frame hit the edge of the asphalt and we both tried to help it stop with verbal requests.....then THUNK! Nose in ditch, and back end out in the road. We were okay, the car was okay, and nobody else panicked when they came around the corner on one side or over the hill on the other side, not to mention we are in the shallow ditch! We could have gone off on the other side where it was much steeper and further down.

Mr. Brian was none to happy with me getting out of the car to take pictures - it was all good. I could hear cars coming so knew to get back in the car where it was safer.
Brian was not happy and he was not wanting to smile for the camera. Notice the rear tire is off the ground. :-)

His side....

You guessed it! Me trying to make the best out of it, so I took a self portrait!

We have been lucky up until now...hopefully this was our turn and we will not have another mishap like this in a while.

Until later....Karen and Tripp who thinks cars are dangerous. :-)


nikki said...

I'm glad you two are okay. It's always scary driving on ice, more so when the car starts going some where it's not supposed to. Love the self portrait!!! :)

Jill said...

You are a true photo journalist, rain, snow, unplanned meetings are nothing. Only a broken camera can stop you. I am so glad neither of you or the car suffered damage. I can't believe you went on to work!