Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have spent most of my life a horse hermit....

...and now that I am getting out and about with the horses, I am finding I have to do things. Like get a coggins. In the old days I would just go ride by myself and life was perfect. It still is when I ride alone...but things are changing. If I want to get out there and help promote mustangs, I have to crawl outside of my comfort zone and be SEEN! :-)

Our BLM mustang adoption is the end of this month and a friend mentioned getting coggins pulled on her mustangs. ACK! I had not thought of that, and Tripp is going to his first Meet & Greet! Today I left work early and we headed to the vet. My vet is pregnant and has been banned from working on large animals, but when she saw Tripp she knew he would be good to her. She loves him! I am happy to say that Tripp was a perfect gentleman and I was very proud of him. Not bad for not being in the public for quite a while.

Here is his sign.....

Tripp was checking to make sure the information was correct....

After we were done there we drove around and hung up flyers for the adoption. It was a fun afternoon.

Last night Brian and I went to a Natural Horsemanship demo - it was free and only 1/2 hr from home. I love when something is win-win.

I did not want to have the flash on inside the barn, but this horse is a 9 yr old Thoroughbred and he is pushy. Melanie, the clinician, is not much over 5 ft tall. This kind of shows the height difference of the two. His back was a bit over her head, and his withers were a few inches over her head. He was a beautiful horse and started to calm down a bit after she worked with him.

The barn/arena area was not heated and I was COLD! Actually my feet were the worst and they hurt pretty bad. The rest of me was just fine. :-)

We have had some windy days, and it blew the icicles that were hanging from the canopy a little crooked. It looked like the snagletooth sharks you see on Shark Week.

Not rain or snow will keep the grilling master away!

We have a young QH colt who is going to be going to the vet on Monday. It is time to collect the family jewels, which also means it was time to learn how to trailer load. Rico thought he would rest while looking for the rest of the group. He is a very layed back little guy and it did not take long for him to go in the trailer. We had to do some coaxing, but it all worked out and now he hops right in.

I hear it is supposed to be in the low 40's tomorrow, which means mud is in the forecast. We have had snow on the ground for a long time and I have to admit that I have enjoyed it. Not only can you see deep into the woods, it is also very bright and hides the dull brown of the ground and grass.

I think I am running out of time for bed.

Hope everyone is doing well!
Until later, Karen and Tripp who loves me! :-D


Jill said...

Rico is a pretty boy. Who makes signs for Coggins test, I never saw such a thing. It was a good idea for Tripp to check it! Ask Brian if it takes longer to grill to the desired doneness in that weather.

debkar said...

Karen, I enjoyed talking with you today at the adoption preview. I think I'll enjoy reading your mustang adventures. Debbie Karwoski
PS - I think the Natural Horsemanship clinic was held at the barn where I take lessons....Horsin' Around.

Karen C. said...

Hi Jill, the Grill Master says the grilling time is the same no matter what weather. I think it tastes better when the weather is like that. :-)

Hi Debbie! It was great talking to you too. I talked more over the adoption weekend than I have in a long time. Horse people are great!

Have a good one! I am hoping to make it to one of the NH get togethers that Melanie and Rachel do, so maybe we will meet up again soon!