Sunday, October 3, 2010

A lazy day.....

Oh how I wish I was not charging my camera battery tonite!  I went back out and heard a couple of the horses squealing.  I ran back thinking it was Boom and Tandee .....  instead of seeing two brown horses in the barn lot area, there are several brown horses!!!  And a black horse!  Tripp and Boom are squealing, necks are arched and they are stomping.  They didn't fight, but what they were doing was GORGEOUS!!!!  They looked awesome! 
Tandee and Batman were at the bottom of the hill, and Wyoming was protecting both of them from the big group!  It was amazing!  Everyone started to run, buck and fart a while, then I weeded the outside bunch back out where they belonged.  I think that is the most fun Boom has had in a long time!  Dang they all sure did look good!  OH!  That darn llama was body slamming everyone too...hilarious!

WYOMING:  "You want a piece of this?"

The rest of the day was lazy and not near as windy as yesterday was.  I took down Boom's small pen so the barn lot is an open area again.  Yay!  He gets along well with the group he is with, so that is where he will stay for now.  He is also easier to get when I want to work with him.

Batman thinks everyone elses food dish is his too.....and they all tolerate him.  Even Boom....

HA HA HA!!!!  Boom was not wanting to do self portraits!  He will learn it is easier to give me the self portait, then I will leave him alone.  :-)

Boom and my red maple.....

I was playing with shadows.....Boom liked that.....

Wyoming thought he would invade Booms food dish, then Batman saw an opportunity to jump in there.  

Chase and the dust bath....

These three are going to be in trouble when Brian gets home.  Hee hee!  They have grass and weeds in the yard and on the hillside to eat, but they eat the dry really makes Brian mad.  :-)

Wy is taller and Boom is more stocky.

I got the rest of the paint off Booms rump today - got the curry comb out and it came right off.  Too cold for a bath.

Not much else is going on.....just relaxing and enjoying the critters.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Until later, Karen and Tripp who knows that his girl was thinking he looked GOOD tonite!!! 

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