Monday, December 13, 2010

The snow that was not supposed to happen....Mother Nature is in a snit!

Original forecast...chances of bad snow storms coming in for the weekend.  It was then changed to the front moved, so everything was staying WAY north of us and moving fast.  We went to Brian's brothers place on Saturday and that night on the way home it was snowing.  By the time we got home it looked like this.....and was still snowing.  It was not the snow that was so bad, it was the arctic winds.

Nakita the snow dog wondering why I was not looking very happy...and why wasn't I coming out to play?  (I did eventually play with her and Misty...they love the snow)  :-)

 Ace and Joker wondering if they get extra treats for having to deal with Mother Nature being in a snit.

 Ace trying to sniff the camera....he is still shy at times but follows me all over the place. 

Sonic Boom is not in the mood for pictures....

Halo and Red don't care about the wind and snow....they just want their grub!

Tripp says to tell everyone Hi!

Wyoming when I first walked out....wondering where the heck I have been.

Wyoming letting me know that this is Booms feed pan, and his is over there, hanging on the panel.

The next morning it had quit snowing but the wind was still bad - and sooooooo cold!  Even all bundled up I had body parts that hurt!
Wyoming, Boom and Batman (bottom right) waiting for breakfast.

Batman wanting to play with Boom....Boom is not much of a player...yet!  Batman does not give up and one of these days Boom will either spank his little butt, or take off playing with him.

Batman and snowy nose...

Finally got Boom to look at me...even if it was to snort at weird noises.  He is an 'every day' horse...meaning he needs to be worked with every day in order for him to stay focused.  With the early dark nights I have not done that, so he is back to his snorty "I don't need you" self.  There are still things he has to do before he gets his feed, so there is still interaction...just not as much as we need. 

Boom is hiding behind Wyoming.  He actually thought that I would leave him alone if he did that....silly boy!

Back yard stump with little snow drift.  That drift is still there....I can't get myself to walk thru it.  It is so pretty....and might be prettier if it was not so darn cold.

Tandee is behind the barn door wondering what is taking me so long to get out there.  She is hungry!

The Three Amigos....
Zjax, Ajax and Jester.

Wyoming and Boom walking to the barn....I don't know....this picture is relaxing to me.

Wyoming.  This is how he looks at us when we come out.  Always interested and wanting to see what we are doing.

Chase the llama...he is the 'movie star' who is trying to knock the camera out of the hand of the reporter because he is hungry - NOW! 
Just for the record....they have a big hay bale and are not without food.  They are just spoiled by getting their pellets.  :-)

I went out to feed early this morning (Monday) and the wind is not bad but it is still very cold.  Today high of 17....Brrrrrrr!!!!!!  I am not a winter person.....

Keep warm everyone! 
Until later....Karen and Tripp who has been admiring how muscular he looks.....(I don't have the heart to tell him it is his winter coat that is making him look so much bigger)  :-)


Michelle said...

Love the snow pics. We don't get any of that stuff down here in FL. ;)

Angela said...

The horses are saying "Fool, put down the camera and feed us lady!!!!!!! Geesh, she's playing with the camera A-G-A-I-N!!!!" ROFL....Lovely snow pics, I sure didn't brave the cold to take pics of my crew and kudos to you for taking them!

Karen C. said...

Michelle, on a Florida vacation there was a snowman built on the beach, and they were taking pictures for Christmas cards. It was awesome! Snow is pretty...but I would rather visit it. Then again, no mosquitoes! Woo hoo!
Angela, you are so right! They were all pretty irritated that I was playing again. :-)