Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beauty after the Blizzard...

It is amazing how it can be so dark and dangerous one day, and sun shiny sparkly beautiful the next!  If it wasn't for the pictures and the deep snow, it would be hard to remember what the day before was like.

HAPPY GROUND HOG DAY!!!  WOO  HOO HOO!!!!  If Phil was here, he would not even bother coming out.

I spent more time outside than Brian did, and every once in a while he came to check on me.  It was so windy, if I would have fallen and hit my head, I would be drifted over in a matter of minutes, and he said that nobody would be here to fix him dinner.  Yes!  He really said that!  Ha ha!  When he did come out, look how he treated me!  See that snowball coming thru the air?  I was shoveling a path in the front yard and I hear him say "Hey, this stuff packs!"  I turn around camera in hand because I had a gut feeling, and there you have it!  Then look at the innocent wave he gives me afterwards!  The things I put up with!  :-)


Batman with a mouth full of hay - but still wondering if he can sneak by me to share some of Tandee's feed.  

Our winter supply of hay...the plan is to have the row along the panels just in case it is too icy or muddy to get the tractor moving.  Then we can roll them out.  Unless we want to shovel, no rolling is going on here.  I am so glad we put out new bales plus an extra the morning before the blizzard started.

 I threw some squares around the canopy area to spoil them a bit.  Even Boom is eating close to the donks.  He has Brain Freeze too!

This picture is so deceiving.  Truck doesn't look that deep.  The snow in front of the vehicles is smooth.  It all looks like one even shallow depth....until you walk in it.  The snow actually was above the bumper of the truck, and you see what happened to the car.  I had already dug a path to the truck and was trying to figure out my plan of attack for the driveway.  

He Man came out to help.  We got the truck dug out and we were not going to worry about the car.  It would not make it out for a few days anyways.  Then He Man decides he is going to start digging he car out.

 AAARRR AAAAAR AAAAAAR!!!  He Man makes like Rambo and gives the call of the wild while holding a shovel in each hand!  Look how pretty that driveway is now.  :-)

And this is why it is so pretty so quickly.  A neighbor who lives about a mile down the road was out in his great big tractor helping to clear some driveways and trying to clear snow drifts.  He said he got the drifts by his place cleared out but about got this thing stuck, and the drifts the other direction would not be impassable for a car.  We cleared the driveway out and shoveled around the mailboxes, then guess who came down the road?  Yep, the regular maintainers and then we had a 3 ft tall pile of snow in front of the drive and mailboxes.  The guy at the bottom of the hill had just got done with his too.  So we cleared out our drive and the mailboxes again, then headed down to help the neighbor with his.  Thankfully the neighbor came back and helped to clear the neighbors 3 ft pile off and he cleared the rest of his driveway.  Brian and I got his vehicle dug out after the tractor left, and all was good again. 

Brian watching the tractor....don't even know what I did to get this shot, but I thought it was cool.

This is what the road looked like before the neighbor came thru.  So pure... There are critter tracks across the road coming and going a couple of different directions.  I wonder what they were doing and where they were going....

After the neighbor came thru, it was cleared enough to get a truck out, but not a car.
After the maintainer came thru, they took off the snow right down to the ice, and no matter how cold it is around here, if the sun is shining, it still melts a little bit - and it did.  It was a sheet of ice!  This was Wednesday, and it was Thursday at 1:30 before anybody tried going down the road.  They turned around in our driveway and went back.  We 'test drove' it at 3:30 that day and it was a little better.  We would head back to work on Friday.

In the front and to the right of the gray trailer is the is covered.  That is a tire and toolbox on top of it.

Halo and Red dug a path to their hay spot.  We could not get in there to put a round bale, so I have been throwing them squares.  They also have a path in the area to the right.  I have to laugh because they are like people.  They don't have as much room to move around and get away from each other, so they are starting to snipe a little bit. 

Oh yeah, I had to try to be all tough with my snow shovel too.  Aaaarrr Aaaarrr Aaaarrr!!!!
Wait, I think that was the sound of a pirate....

This is more me.  Playing it cool while secretly taking a break.  :-)

Snow around the propane tank.  The clear area was made by the dogs.

Self portrait in the truck window.

The chairs are officially buried!

I love snow shadows....

Tandee and Batman.  Batman did great in the snow.  Right now he follows the path that I made out there - it is a big circle.  The others have flattened out an area at the feeder, so he goes out there too.  When he gets full of himself, he just plows thru the deep stuff.  I went out one day and he had his face deep in the snow and was walking...just like a little bulldozer!  I could not get the camera out quick enough.  Darn it!

Tandee, Wyoming, Ajax and Jester all say to have a Happy Ground Hog day and be safe!

Until later....Karen and Tripp who always has a hug for me!

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Jessi said...

Any more snow and you won't be able to find batman!!! Wow him and Tandee are quite the pair! He is just like her little shadow!I am posting pics on my blog of the snow days too. We didn't get nearly as much as you though!