Saturday, February 5, 2011

Surviving the first day of the February blizzard...

Well, what can ya say besides "Wow!"?  The radar showed the storm covering most of the country and knowing that snow being measured in FEET is on the way is a little...exciting!  We got home from work Monday evening very relieved because the roads were already icy.  Early Tuesday morning it looked like a false alarm and I was feeling a little bad about not being at work.  Then it started, and it started fast and hard!  The wind was cold and just crazy!

I got dressed and was ready to go check on I wanted to get some pictures.  I don't know what I was thinking because with the wind and snow blowing the way it was, I ended up having to clear the lens a lot. BUT....I ended up getting a few good ones!

Me being prepared for the cold.

Wyoming just knows I have a treat in my pocket...

Mille says "Blizzard?  What blizzard?"
Look at that corral panel - it used to be straight but she has bent it so she could get to a bale that fell apart.  It is almost in half now. 

 Wyoming wondering why I have a funny fuzzy thing around my head...maybe it holds more treats!

Even Boom gets in on the snow action.

I had been outside for quite a while so Brian came to check on me.  

This is taken out the back door to the deck...the chairs are about covered.

One unhappy llama...he usually stays outside, but he decided to hang out inside the barn with Tandee because the wind was just too much.

The chicken pen had just as much snow as the barn lot.  A bunch of birds were hanging out in the rafters too.

Joker followed me to the barn, then headed back to the rest of the herd.

Millie helping me frame the picture.  She is a great helper!  :-)

Misty says she is not going to come out to say hello.  I wonder why?

Stormy is the only one who hung out in the barn with me.  I threw out some square bales under the canopy areas for those who wanted it.  

Wyoming wanted in on the self portrait action!

The other dog house is rough and they don't usually use it.  Nakita is the one who usually stays outside no matter what and I find her covered in snow.  Not this time!  Glad Brian had his kids put straw in there.

Walking back to the house...

 Stormy was in a picture taking mood. 

Boom munching on hay while Wyoming goes after the donks.  He was very playful thru all the ugly weather, and he chased the donks around a while.  When he was done, they assumed their position by the cedar trees.

Tandee had come out to greet me (I had the feed bucket) and she quickly realized the trip back to the barn was more annoying than the trip to meet me.  The wind was blowing hard and the snow and sleet really hurt on impact.  Batman just hangs out and waits.

Wyoming wanted to show off his new look.  He looks happy even when he is packed with snow!  This boy is really evolving into a new horse and I am enjoying watching the changes.  It is hard to remember that he is still a youngster.

It was a dark ugly weather day, and I hoped and prayed that people who had to travel made it to their destination safe.  We did get a lot of snow, a lot of drifts, and thankfully all the animals fared well.

Until later....Karen and Tripp who did not leave the round bales of hay...


Tina said...

Good to see you posting again, Karen. Can't even comprehend that sort of weather. I've never ever seen snow in my life, and right now we are worrying about bushfires, not blizzards. :) Keep warm! XXX

Karen C. said...

Hi Tina! Feels good to be back on here. We used to live in Southern California, and Dad would take us out of school and we would go visit the snow in the mountains. Then we moved to the Midwest and I finally got to see it actually snow. It is pretty, but after a while it gets to be a little much. We used to have bushfires in California, and the winds made them even more dangerous. Is it summer where you are now?
Until later... :-)

Michelle said...

Holy crap.... I am so happy I live in FL. That is a bit much!

Tina said...

Yes summer here in Oz. Floods and cyclones the other side, cyclones up north and huge bushfires down here on our side. Will swap for snow! (But can't imagine having to do all that digging to get places!:) )