Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reflections of 2010...Video

FINALLY!!!  I have been working on this since January but have had computer problems...lost my photo video several times and had to start over....heck, by now most people don't remember 2010!  Ha!

Many people were so glad to see 2010 go....all for their own reasons.  The only reason I am glad it is gone is because I am excited to see what 2011 will bring. 

I have spent most of my life as a hermit.  I have done a lot of things by myself and am very comfortable doing that, while others thrive by being social.  The last year I have broke out of my 'hermit shell' and have done more things socially than I ever have before.  Most of my social adventures were fun and I can't wait to do them again, while others reminded me why being a hermit suits me.

I got to see what jealousy does to people, I got to experience people who would die before they will admit they made a mistake (always blame others), I got to experience outright meanness that hurts to the core.  One of the meanest things that has ever been said to me.....I was told that I 'tricked' someone, and if she would have known what my idea of 'rescue' was she would have let Ace go to Mexico on the truck.  No joke!  I was told that, and it broke my heart!  Her idea of an 'unwanted horse' and my idea of an 'unwanted horse' is totally different.  I am just grateful that she was 'tricked' (however that happened!) enough to save that little horse from a horrible fate, and so is his adopter!  Another sad thing...I thought we were friends, but all the signs were there.  I am a positive optimistic person and she isn't.  I should know by now that combination just doesn't work.  I hope she finds happiness somewhere.

Wyoming coming home in the condition he was in was another heart breaker.  Thankfully he is back home now and he has all the groceries he needs, and even those he doesn't need!  Ha ha!  He has really grown and matured...I am wow'd by him. 

The above things were the ones that affected me the most at the time...then I heard a story about a little girl who is very ill.  Reading the story of her and her family is a big big reminder that the above person just hurt my feelings....I healed quickly, and Wyoming might have come home thin, but he also healed quickly.  This little girl is literally fighting for her life.  A reminder of what is really important.  I say a lot of prayers for her and her family.

I am very grateful that most of my year was a great one and I got to try new things.  I volunteered for an ACTHA ride, I got to ride in an ACTHA ride, then I got to be a judge at a ride, I took a mounted shooting class, I had a couple of foster mustangs here and they went home and are doing well, we are lucky enough to have friends we can trust, which is why Flash the large pony is at his 2nd great home with kids of his own and a 70 yr old Grandma who rides him (the first home had family problems and they stuck to the verbal contract and he came back here), Tripp and I went to a couple of fun shows, one which was a charity show and to this day was one of the most fun I have been to, we went to Hutchinson, KS for the Correctional Facility Open House - the inmates work with mustangs and they adopt them out, in addition to participating in another EMM, we got to go to another one as spectators and met up with old friends and made a few new ones.

This years EMM preparation was something else!  I was doing great and got bucked off, then fell off, then half way fell off got tossed off, and now I am a big chicken.  For the first time in my life I am afraid and have anxiety attacks.  I am working on it tho.  The great thing is Boom and I made Top 10 for the in hand part of the competition!  Once it sunk in, I was so proud of myself and Boom!

One of the great friends I met is Jay Miller.  He loves Boom, and to get to Boom he has to go thru me!  Ha ha!  He really helped Boom and I a lot, and once I get over this crazy scaredy cat stuff, horsey life will be grand again.

I could go on and on but people don't like to read too much stuff....so I will sign it off here.  I put together a picture video of some of the 2010 adventures.


Karen and Tripp who is going to a one day riding clinic this Saturday!  Woo hoo! 


nikki said...

Sorry to hear about that "friend". It's so sad that there are people like that. Sometimes it's better to cut the ties and hope they figure it out some day.

I love your video at the end! What a neat idea. It's funny looking back and seeing how much was acomplished.

PS- Glad that Wyoming is back with you. Still can't believe how skinny he got at that place.

Michelle said...

Add me to your chicken list. I am still dealing with it too. I was doing well but got tossed off my new horse this weekend. I keep giving myself pep talks, "I can do this!"

Anonymous said...

Another super-duper blog,you ROCK cowgirl!!!!!!!! Can't wait until I can get on BOOM again

Karen C. said...

Thanks everyone! Michelle, I am with you! "I can do it!" I keep reminding myself that if I get on and have a freak out moment, it is okay to get off. Maybe soon I will be tired of getting on and off! Ha!
Jay, I keep warning Boom that you are in his future! Ha! He just snorts. :-)

Jessi said...

Uh-oh! Watch out Boom!! Jay will teach you some RESPECT! ;) As I witnessed with Valero! haha! I made the video! YES! :D Good job Karen! Is there another EMM in your future??

Karen C. said...

Thanks Jess! :-) I have some work I want to do with Boom first, then Jay can play with him. He has had the winter off and it is showing....Boom is a talker and talks to me almost every time I go out there. It is awesome!

Another EMM? If I knew of someone who was going to adopt the horse I drew, I would think about it. But other than that - I don't think so. I just can't let go when I don't know where they are going, and we are at full capacity right now. Brian has shut the gate on me, remember? Ha ha!