Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hemi has a Spa Day!

Columbia Second Chance is a no-kill facility for dogs and cats.
We support them and the local humane society, which is not to be confused with HSUS.  We have adopted a couple of dogs from Second Chance and appreciate that there are facilities like them across the country! Saturday was one of the fundraisers they were doing....Doggie Wash and clipping toe nails.  We splurged and did both!

I started out taking a couple of pictures and did not check the setting....they all glowed!  Thankfully when I handed the camera to Brian, he looked to make sure it was on the normal setting.  Whew!

Hemi started out with this little gal clipping his toe nails.  He stood so nice...then he decided laying on his back for a belly rub would take care of two things at one time.  Getting a pedicure and getting the belly rub a King like him deserves.  :-)  Up to this point, they said he was the easiest dog they had done.  We were proud of him!

Then came time for the bath!  He needed help hopping into the suds tub.  I personally think he was looking for more attention seeing as he was the King of the show for a while.

He scrunched up his face when they put water over his head.  He said "WAIT!  I did not sign up for this!"  (It was all fun and games when he was the center of attention without having to do anything but look cute.....hee hee!)

Awwww man, really?

Oh long does it take to wash the face of a King?

Then he headed to the rinse tank!  The day was so hot, and the water coming out of the hose was nice and cold....maybe this was worth it after all. 

I love smooching his wrinkled face.  I figure this is as close to kissing a Manatee that I will ever get.  :-)

Time to get toweled off...which doubles as a massage!  Hemi liked this lady...even tho she washed his face in front of all his new friends, she was very proficient at towel drying him and talking sweet to him.

Hemi was talking to the cute boxer girl that needed a home.  If we did not have the other two girls already, I would have thought about it.  She was much smaller than Hemi but she had a face that would match him.

Thank you lady for making me smell purdy!

After his bath he visited one of the many buckets of treats.  Hemi wanted a dog bone snack and carried it around with pride.

Brian took Hemi for a short walk before putting him in the car...he is still carrying his dog bone.  (Hemi....not Brian....snicker snicker)

Time to go home already?

I am not asleep...I am bird watching.

.....not asleep.....resting my eyes.....lots of birds out there....


It was a quick trip to town for the Doggie Wash and we had fun!  As we left a lot of dogs and humans showed up, so it looks like they were going to have a very successful fundraiser.  Yay!!!!  Hemi made a lot of new friends....he is like a magnet!  Everyone just loves him!  Before he came to live with us he lived with a family that had kids, and they went on walks and took him driving around.  He was socialized and loves to get out.  When Brian takes his kids from here to there, he usually takes Hemi with him.  Hemi is a very special dog and a lot of people love him....

Until later...Karen and Tripp who prefers to remember his girl kissing horse noses, not bulldog noses.

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