Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hey! I had my helmet on, so what is the problem? :-)

 I am really, I am young!  :-)  BUT....there is always a BUT...I am young enough to do whatever I want, but just a bit slower.  Or I might have to be more careful because I am not near as agile or springy as I once was.  I am carrying a little bit of extra 'real estate' on the back side so that makes a difference too.  That is one 'BUT' I think about.  The other one is BUT I DON'T WANT TO MISS OUT ON THE FUN STUFF I USED TO DO!  SAFE OR NOT!"  Regardless of the outcome it was always fun...and I am finding myself at that mind set again.  There are some things I cannot do for financial reasons - just like most of us - but I never want to regret not doing something I know I could have done!  So let the games begin....slowly....ha ha!

As I have mentioned, Romeo is pretty layed back.  I don't always want to get the halter out, and I don't always want to do ground work.  Sometimes I just want to get on to see what will happen.  I have a sticker for my motorcycle helmet that says 'Famous last words "Hey!  Watch this!"'  Well, I don't plan on those being my final last words...I plan on being able to say it a lot!  So I got out my 3" brick (I am 3" shy of being able to jump up on him....I know because I tried different boards to see how much distance I needed to work on) and hopped up on him.  I figured he would mosey around...and if I was wrong and he did something crazy I would practice an 'emergency dismount' of my choice.  :-)

First he walked to the barn door waiting for Tandee to get done eating...then I asked him to move off to the right so Brian could get a picture.

The only thing Brian has a problem with is the low canopy...he is worried about me getting hurt when we go under it.  Well, we went under it and Brian was holding his breath while I leaned over to clear it.  He did not even think to get a worries.  Then we went under the canopy on the other side and I grabbed a hold of the fence railings and slid off.  We were going slow and I needed to know I could get off, and he would not panic as my body dragged across him.  No problemo!

I got back on and we moseyed the other way...this was also helping me get used to sitting on him bareback.  By the way, I figured it out.  Even tho he moves me back to the sweet spot, I still feel like I am going over his shoulder when he turns.  It feels a lot different than Tripp and Wy.

The group was congregated around the bale buddy minding their own business, and we meandered around them.  I was not worried about getting kicked because they all get along real well.  My only concern (not a big concern) is Chase...he spits at them and likes to body slam them out of his way.  I can usually give him 'tone' in my voice and he gives me a dirty look and moves on...but not always.

As we were coming around, Romeo moved Wy out of the way which caused a chain reaction.  They all moved out of the way.  We were right by the bale buddy and I decided to slide off that because I knew it would make a weird noise on the fabric stuff....I was laughing so hard because I never would have thought I would be practicing an emergency dismount on a bale buddy!  This one surprised Romeo more but not bad....he comes right back.

When I first started all this I said to myself "The worst that can happen is I will fall off, right?"  As we were walking along, I decided I did not want to fall off.  The ground is still hard even from a short horse.  Ha ha! 

BUT....I HAD FUN!!!! 

Until later.....Karen and Tripp who says in a very sarcastic way "But...I had fun!  Anybody can ride a slow horse without a halter on!  Geez!  Mom, really????"

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