Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tripp and I take a short ride up and down the road...

As you read in the last entry, Tripp was doing a lot of running and playing...and he thought it was funny to make me chase him in the deep snow.  When he does this on dry ground, it is easier for me to get positioned in front of his shoulder and he says "Oh alright..." but with the snow he says "Hee hee, the girl can't move very fast in this stuff."  Then he throws in a buck and fart to add insult to injury.  Ha ha!  Seeing as this was the second time he did the run away thing I knew I couldn't give up.  I did not want it to become a habit.  So I kept at it...would get up to him and pet on him, then walk away to confuse him.  Finally I decided it was the right time to keep him so I could take a short ride.

I don't ride on our road any more...more people have moved out here and they drive like bats out of hell on these roads.  There are curves and hills, and I sure don't want to be on the receiving end of someone driving in the middle, or on the wrong side.  I decided playing around the driveway would be good...I will get my horsey fix, and I should be able to log some distance.  I had it half right.  I could not get my blasted GPS thingy to work on my phone.  I decided that my horsey therapy was much more important than dinking around with an electronic gadget....

Tripp is checking out the snow path thru the back yard...and Hemi is steering clear of Tripp's feet.

We got to the front yard and Hemi was sniffing something...then Tripp decided to sniff something...Hemi's rump!

"Sniff Sniff...yep, smells like chicken!"
When Hemi realized he was being sniffed by something big he jumped about 2 foot in the air!  It was too funny!  He is mostly blind so if he isn't paying attention, he gets surprised. 

Yay!  Finally!  I get to ride!  Out the driveway we go!  Woo hoo!

The thing is, Tripp was not too keen on the idea of riding in the road.  He was very nervous.  He really is an awesome horse and he finally hit a point where he started to walk with purpose...like he said "I can do this!  Let's go!"  I knew he was not okay inside about it, so I let him walk a few steps then turned him around and came back up the road.  We did both directions several times and worked on a few maneuvers.  It really worked out well because there were ice patches on the road and they made me nervous.  He finally did relax.  I wouldn't say he was okay inside with it, but he was better.  I have another thing to add to our 'practice list.'  :-)

Coming back into the driveway...

Out the driveway and to the right.  I stayed close enough to the driveway to be able to get out of the way if someone came down the road.  This is the good part of the road...I can hear and see what is coming.  Once you get on either end in the dippy do's it is harder to see which direction the noises are coming from.

Aaaahhhhh yes, love the shadows...

Out the driveway and to the left...

I really don't know what I was doing here....I ended up with this shot of his head and liked it.  :-)

Brian came home and took a few pictures for me.  It is nice to get full body shots once in a while... Oh my gosh, I just noticed how thin the bottom of his tail is!  What the heck?

Brian says Tripp is a little spoiled...he knows to flex that head around and I will scratch it for him.  :-)

He loves nosing around in the snow...

And I love the end result!   

Brian wanted to take my saddle off for me...and who was I to deny him the pleasure of helping out his wonderful wife? ;-)

Brian's daughter Madison is not much of a horse person.  I know, I know...I tell Brian she is a freak!  Ha ha!  What little girl is not horse crazy?  It just isn't normal....anyways, whenever I get the chance I have her hold Tripp (or whoever) hoping that someday she will get the horsey bug.  And if not...that is okay too.  (Not really...I just said that to be nice...hee hee!)  Madison likes them well enough...she just isn't that crazy kid I was that would try to ride anything if I could catch it.  She has a lot more self preservation than I did.  :-)

Yeah right...because Tripp worked soooooo hard! 

I have to remind Madison that SHE can scratch his face, but HE cannot use her as a scratching post.  It is easy to forget because Tripp is so darn cute and we want him to love us.  :-)

After being unsaddled and brushed, we headed back to the barn lot.  The time I had was short but wonderful!  I would rather take a few minutes of horse time than no horse time at all. 


Snowy nose...over and out!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is still snickering about leaving the girl eating his snow while he blasted past her!


Marissa Rose said...

It's funny, the mustang I lease is weird about me catching her. My trainer got her unbroke at 8 years old, and said she has been like that since the day she got her. She will look at me and start to turn or walk a different way, but if you move your body with hers she'll stop and turn and walk towards her. It's kinda like she wants to play a game. So odd! Sometimes she'll run all the way around her large paddock/pasture and then straight up to me. Such a weird mustang pony thing!

Cindy D. said...

Hi Tripp,
I understand why you are nervous about roads, they can be very scary I know. Those big cars and trucks come zooming by sometimes and never even thing to slow down. When I was a youngster I was afraid of the roads too,but now I know that my lady will always keep me safe so it is okay. I think your lady will always keep you safe too. I can tell that she loves you very much.
Also I wanted to tell you that I answered your nice comment and told you how my lady taught me how to do the sideways move. So maybe you can learn too. I like to have my head scratched after a ride too. It feels soooo good!
By for now,
Trax the paint horse.

Beth Ridenour said...

Wow Madison has grown a lot since I last saw here! A pretty girl, and she looks mighty fine with a horse in her hands, hint hint.

Karen C. said...

Marissa, I will say that this game will get me in better shape! You know they say when you work with a horse, don't have an agenda or a time frame. Once I start with him, I know I have to finish it or he will decide that not catching me is much more fun than catching me and having to work. Ha ha!

Karen C. said...

Trax, thank you so much for the help with the moving sideways thing. I am going to let my girl know to go back to your story. I don't want to be the only one around that can't do it! Thanks for sharing your story about the big cars and trucks zooming by...you are right, my lady does love me and won't let anything bad happen. I will practice this real hard! See ya Trax! High hoof! Get it? Instead of High Five? Nicker snort! Hmm hmm,,, I won't quit my day job.

Karen C. said...

Beth, I think she looks great with a horse in her hand too! But she is a 'freak of nature' as Clinton Anderson would say. She likes them but just isn't interested. Ugh...that still blows my mind... Ha ha!