Monday, April 1, 2013

Zephyr has been home a week...

March 23, 2013.  It is a Friday and another big snow is in the forecast for Saturday.  The plan was to go to the Midwest Mustang & Burro Saddle Club meeting in Topeka, then pick up Zephyr on the way back.  The meeting was cancelled and Brian didn't want to get snowed out of picking up his new girlfriend, so he made plans to pick her up Friday the 23rd after work.  I had a chance to work overtime so had to take it...I missed out on the fun!  Argh!

Chris and Phil are the ones who had Zeph at their place, and their son Kenny took a few pictures.  THANK YOU KENNY!!!!  AND THANK YOU CHRIS AND PHIL FOR SENDING THEM!!!!  :-)

Zeph is saying "Bye bye" to Chris and Phil.  She says it is nothing personal....she is just in love with this new human and she has to follow her heart.

Zeph gives Brian a hug to put his mind at ease.  She is sure he has to be nervous over such a big commitment.  ;-)

"Homeward bound!"

When Brian got home he got in touch with his "Karen Side" and took a few self portraits.  When I saw these pictures I had to laugh out loud!  He looks like he is having fun, and she is happy he is having fun!  Ha ha!

Look at the front of his dark hoodie!  Zephyr is shedding like crazy!  Our gray horses have always shedded earlier than the  others, but this girl is out of control.  We don't brush her too much just in case she needs the extra hair later....

Zeph is tired of the bright flash....Brian can't stop smiling!

I got to work Saturday morning too, so Brian went out to visit with his other girlfriend and to let the birds out of the pen.  Zeph was not at all impressed with Pimp Daddy the tom turkey.  Brian said she made faces and charged the pen.  Yeah, Pimp Daddy really cares.

Then they all came out....and she made faces at him up close and personal.

And he showed her that a Zephyr Rose can't shake the Pimp Daddy!
She lost interest...

Zeph:  "Oh my gosh, really?  Nobody told me I was going to have to live in mud a while, and nobody said I had to share my meals."

Zeph:  "Okay, it is mumble and grumble about it and let the chickens eat everything themselves, or I can put on my "Oh yay, I get to share my meal with chickens" face and eat."  

Zeph:  "Mmmmm, Nummmm, Gooodddd.....stupid chickens!"

Red:  "Hubba hubba!  Check out the new girl!  I like the wild ones!"

Red:  "Yep, love those fat bottom girls!"

Zeph:  "Oh geez....give it a break, okay?  I am not a fat bottom girl.  I am big boned!"

Zeph:  "But really...look at me...I totally see what he sees in me."  :-)

And this is what we ended up with Saturday night!  The storm came through a bit later then we thought it would, but it sure did deliver!  March 24th....another blizzard!
Other than putting out round bales, Brian did not come out very often in the snow.  I was all full of joy and yelling out how pretty it was, and he was like "yeah, whatever."  Ha ha!  Look at him now!  This is even the morning!

Brian spends some time with her, and walks away....

Zeph:  "Ummmm, hellooooooo.....boyfriend!  Where are you going?"

Zeph:  "Maybe if I move a bit closer...he will notice me."

Zeph:  "Sometimes they are not too bright...this two legged species....I will just go remind him who is the #1 girl horse in his world!"

Zeph:  "I said #1 girl HORSE....not #1 GIRL!  Geez....that other two legged one that the black wild one calls 'The Girl' sure is touchy.  Hmpf snort!"

Zeph:  "Hey, Boy, come back here.  I still have some itchy spots that need to be attended to."

At the end of the day everyone was covered in snow....and it was meal time. 

Zeph has settled in quite nicely.  At feeding time she is pushy, but is learning not to snake around to try and sneak her way to the feed pan.  She can wait politely.  Sometimes she forgets but she is doing so much better.  Once we get some solid ground to move around on, she will start going to work.  In the meantime we go out and struggle to move around in the mud, and we use her as a railing to hold on to.  A couple times she was not so keen on that idea, but all in all she handles it well.  All the flailing around we can do around her will do nothing but help her not worry about silly things later.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says she makes faces because she is playing hard to get!  ;-)

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