Monday, May 13, 2013

Friday after work ride...

What better way to end a Friday?  On the back of a horse!  Wyoming was the lucky pick of the day!  I don't know who is more lucky...him for being picked, or me for having him as a choice to pick from.  :-)

You know how everything happens for a reason?  Okay, I don't really believe that unless I choose to at the moment.  Ha!  And this is one of those moments.  I posted Sunday's ride with friends first, and Wy was very nervous and we had a couple episodes that freaked me out too.  I have been racking my brain trying to figure out a way to help him be okay on the inside.  Trying to figure out a way to help him through his insecurities of being alone that appear the second another horse makes his or her presence known, whether they are close or far...doesn't matter. 

As I was going through the pictures from Friday, I saw a totally different horse.  I could feel our ride again...I could feel our connection...I could feel the relationship we had that night...I could feel HIM.  Not to say he didn't have a couple snort moments, because he did, but he snorted, jumped a little bit and moved on after investigating.  His eyes would soften within seconds...he was okay on the inside.  I believe the horse that I shared Friday evening with is the horse he wants to be.  Calm, relaxed, confident...he wants to be okay on the inside.  I need to work very hard to help that horse stick around when the other moments happen.  I know we can do this together!

Now, on to our ride...Wy is looking all dapper and ready to go!

We didn't get very far down the trail when I saw this!  It stood out...well...just like this!  :-)
This was so beautiful and the timing was perfect......

....because I needed a quick break.  Wyoming got to munch grass while I took my break.  :-)

After our break time the inevitable happened...this beautiful feather wanted to share our ride...I mean really, who or what wouldn't want to? 

This is another one of those pictures that is blurry all the way around and the feather just pops.  Not so much when the picture is small, but when it is bigger it made me dizzy.  I prefer to think it has powers of Mother Earth that is making my world spin right now...(or it is knowing that Brian is going to tell me how illegal it is for me to have a turkey feather)

And I will tell Brian "See?  No hands!  It is flying along on our ride..."  

OOPS!  Hands!  Well, I caught it in mid air so Wy can sniff it, then I let it fly over his head and neck again.  It was just too beautiful to not take on our ride for a while...nature at it's best.

The sun kissing the tree tops...

I have loved ferns since I was a little kid!   The hillsides to the creek beds are just full of them...they are so pretty. 

How do you like our artistic self portrait?  :-)   I wonder what we are both thinking about right could be about anything!   For instance, I might be thinking "DENY! DENY! DENY!" about that turkey feather and Wy is thinking "What turkey feather?"  HA!  Good boy! is us having fun!

We ended up at the 'Concrete Slab Parking Lot'.....there are a few camp sights at this location.

And this is why it is called the Concrete Slab Parking Lot.  It has a big chunk of concrete that I have seen a couple people park on.  I don't know if you have to reserve this thing or if it is like every other camp sight out here...first come first serve.  Either way, we needed to explore....

WYOMING:  "How is this look?  Am I giving it enough "Oh - I - am - so - scared.  I - don't - know - if - I - can  make - it" kind of look?  Or is it too much?"

WYOMING:  "Are we done showing off yet?"

WYOMING:  "Do you hear what I hear????  Do you see what I see????"  (I bet you are singing it in your head now, aren't ya?  Nicker snort!)

I carry my stuff in the truck.  I don't have a storage area in the trailer so the truck is very lived in when it comes to my horse stuff.  I almost showed the picture of the inside of the back seat...then I decided to use the one where Wy is hiding it...he was embarrassed it was such a mess!  Ha ha!  He is only a little embarrassed about the stuffed frog on my dash...but he gets it.  The Girl is weird and he has accepted that.  :-)

I loved looking through these pictures after posting Sunday's.  It was good for me, which means it will be good for Wy too.  He is such a neat horse!  I am very proud of him, even during the tough times. 

Brian reminded me of something...Wy went from being a confident young horse with us and his first adopter (he came back here because Wy was still green, and they realized they were not ready for that...we still keep in touch and she still loves Wy so much!) to going to try a second home then being pushed around by a big group of horses to being hungry and thin then circled back to us again without the confidence he once had...  I know that confident young horse is still in there...just like I was when I was scared after being thrown off Boom a few times. That brave girl was still in me...I just had to work hard and find her again.  Thanks to the help of a very good friend of mine, I started to work through it and learned how to handle it better.  It is my turn to pay it forward to Wy...I am going to help him be brave again, help him learn to deal with the stresses that are bothering him at times.

Rides like we had this evening are confidence builders for him...and me.  :-)

Until later....Karen and Tripp who thinks I am spending a little bit too much time with this Wy guy!  ;-) 


Greener Pastures--A City Girl Goes Country said...

I don't know Wyoming's story but as I'm sure you know, you guys will connect more and more.

I didn't know it's illegal to keep turkey feathers! I'm in big trouble!

Keechy said...

Hmmm, TTouch tail work is supposed to be great for building up confidence in horses and other animals too. Might be worth a try for Wy.

Karen C. said...

Keechy, believe it or not I was reading about Ttouch recently and wondered how he would respond to that. I need to make time to do that for both of us. Thank you!

Wy's story...short version is he came to me wild as a 3 yr old, I got him started for an adopter, they realized they were not as young as they used to be so asked us to take him back (we still keep in touch), then he went to a ranch with a bunch of girls that rode on a drill team, then he came back very thin from that place and that was when I decided he was staying here unless someone very VERY special shows up and falls in love with him. So far that special one is me...ha ha! :-) He is very different than he was as a 3 yr old and I am reminded to work with the horse I have now, not the one I had back then. He used to be very brave and confident...he is growing and some of that is coming back and I am growing and learning how to help him come back. Yay! I should not forget to mention that he is helping me too in so many ways. He is a very neat dude!