Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Seis de Mayo! Another ride with my husband!!!

We got home a little after 6:00 and I asked Brian if he wanted to ride again or take Zephyr to the conservation area for a walk.  He said "Do you think we have time to ride?"  I said "Let's find out!"  We loaded up and away we went.  We knew it would not take near as long to get ready to go since our tack was already fitted. 

Brian is lining Tripp up to the wheel well to get on.  


Tripp is such a good boy!  He stood still while Brian got on, and he even waited until Brian got his reins together and his mecate tied up.

Field of mustard.

WYOMING:  "Mmmm....can I get a hot dog to go with my mustard?  Snort nicker snort..."

It was such a pretty evening.  The clouds were different shades of blues and grays, the mustard was bright yellow, the temperature was perfect.  Life is good!

WYOMING:  "HA!  Photobomb!!!!!"

TRIPP:  "Much better.  Look how good WE look without the 'other one' in the picture!"


Riding thru the woods is so peaceful...


Brian and I have walked the trail this direction when I lost my driver license (someone turned it into the conservation dept and they called me).  This is the first time Brian has been horseback at the lake.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to share this with him!  :-D  

We are on our way down the hill to the lake dam.

Blurry picture saved by black and white!  

Wyoming was in the lead most of the way, then we hit a speed bump.  He said "No thank you!"  The big concrete thing in the water makes sucking sounds and there are big rocks at the end of the dam.  I asked Brian and Tripp to take the lead to remind Wyoming how to be brave.  It worked!  :-)

WYOMING:  "Show off!"

We rode thru the gate at the end and turned around to come back.  Wyoming was not so sure about the big rocks by the gate.  Nothing can be that big and not be up to something!  ;-)

A couple came around the corner in a boat.  Both horses did great...they watched with interest.

On our way back .......


TRIPP:  "Ptoeey! No more pictures!"

We decided to walk down the steep hill to make it easier on the horses.

Wyoming was NOT a happy camper about being left behind. 

WYOMING:  "It is not fair that the Boy and Tripp get to be at the bottom of the hill while I keep having to slow down for the Girl!  Not fair I tell you!"

The big hill was the second episode of anxiety.  The first one was when Brian and Tripp rode ahead a ways while I did a bit of schooling on the trail.  Once Wy figured out that they were leaving him he freaked out.  We danced a little bit this way, and danced a little bit that way.  I did convince him that we can move towards them in a controlled manner...he thought being controlled was stupid when we could just HURRY and be there NOW! 

WYOMING:  "Yes, being 'controlled' is a waste of time.  Hmpf snort!"

Brian is also learning some of Tripp's habits, like diving for grass and stopping real quick when he does it.  Can you say "Ouch?"  Brian put Tripp's little butt to work!  He will start to learn Tripp's tricks and quirks just like I did.  Just takes time...

It was a great ride and a beautiful night.  We are so blessed....

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is still laughing over the Boy not knowing all his tricks...


Cindy D. said...

I love reading about your rides.

Karen C. said...

Thank you Cindy! :-)