Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The soft eyed gelding...and friends...

Remember the soft eyed gelding I passed up so I could get a mare named Tandee?  I ended up with him too!  :-)

I moved Tandee but still went to visit Druch.  Truth be known, he was the one I would have picked because of his soft look and his flea bitten color...but I wanted foals.  And I loved Tandee's attitude.  When I went back to visit, Druch was doing that back and forth thing in an area of about 5 or 6 ft wide.  Swinging that head back and forth....he was so depressed and was losing weight!  It made me sad so I contacted the people who owned him (same people I bought Tandee from) and the said they would sell me Druch too, and I could just add his purchase price to my remaining payments I was making for Tandee.  Oh, did I forget to mention that?  I bought them on payments!  Who knew you could do that?  I am so happy they trusted me.  I paid them off early and had both of them until they passed on.  Druch was 27 when he passed away.

Druch was 8 yrs old, neck reined, was sooooo soft, and he had a canter to die for!  His canter is the smoothest I have ever ridden and he could go and go.  He came from racing stock so I should not have been surprised.  He had worked cows but had not been out on the roads or trails.  The first day he drank water from a puddle I was so happy!  Even back in the day I had dreams of riding endurance rides so drinking whenever you could is important.

Surmarohara used to be a race horse.  I called him Sir and he turned into a great trail horse!

Sir showing off some moves!

Tandee and Sir...

Look who is in front of the race horse!  Ha ha!

The three Arabians who were in my life....and all are together right now on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge.

I love my mustangs, but the Arabians will always hold a special forever spot in my heart.  I will have another one day...when the time is right.

Until later, Karen and Tripp who I swear has some Arab in him!  <3 nbsp="" p="">

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Bugsy said...

I was not a big Arab fan until I came to the US, but now I'm in love! Such incredible horses