Thursday, January 15, 2015

What did April 2014 bring? I don't remember...therefore I blog! :-)

I have not been right.  Not bad....just a little off.  When I am off I am not organized, and when I am not organized, I don't make time to blog.  The thing is, I LOVE TO BLOG!  I really enjoy looking back to see what we were all up to.  To see the critters at their best and not so best.  Just everything....

So here is April 2014.  It is cold outside right now, all the grass is brown, leaves are off the trees, and here I am looking at pictures of springs fresh green grass!!!!

Red and Thomas the cat had a moment....

The chickens and turkeys love when springs shows up!  They get out of the chicken house to stretch those legs, and no more cold toes!

From the eye of a mustang named Tripp...

Ace is still around here and I think he gets prettier every year.  I don't have a good eye for conformation but a couple of friends do.  They really like how he is put together and I just say "Ya think?"  "Yep, he is pretty!"  Ha ha!

One day I decided to walk the fence line and take Wyoming with me.  We didn't get far when we were on a creek bank.....the goal was to slide down into it and climb up the other side.

Then his foot fell through!  This pictures doesn't do it justice, but he went down to over his knee and I just got out of the way.  He squatted down and slowly lifted himself out.  We were more careful after that.  I forgot about the creek undermining the edges....glad we were not riding!  Whew!

Wyoming decided he needed a good roll in the sand after the scare he had.  And I thought it was a great idea!  It was a way for both of us to get rid of some scary stress....he enjoyed his roll and I enjoyed watching him be happy.

Sandy nose...

And we lived to tell about it!  Woo hoo!

On our walk we found some trees down.  Nothing I can move myself so I took pictures of everything so Brian and I can get out there to fix it.  The pictures helped me remember what, where and how bad.

On the way back the outside bunch insisted on their sniff and snort greetings.

Poor Wyoming feels like he has been violated.

Riding for me so far this year has been almost non-existent....but this day I decided to take Tripp for a walk and ride.  Yep, we did both!  The walk is good exercise for us both, and the ride is also good exercise for us both!  Win win!  We took a short ride to the back fence line.

Not much grass in the woods....just lots of leaves.

We found this little guy along the way. touches the heart like not much else can.  

I was watching one of my recorded Clinton Anderson shows...and Coco the kitty thought she would watch with me.  Or was she trying to be a window?  Hmmmmm...

This is a ceramic rattle snake on my Mom's flower bed.  I love this thing!

I picked my Mom up one day for a Mother/Daughter date day.  I wanted to do something fun but affordable.  How does FREE sound to you?  We went to the Runge Conservation Center in Jefferson City, MO.  It is a neat place!

Some of the stuffed animals were very close so you could see details.

This one is real...I love snakes!

This snapper stayed like this for the longest time!  If you look past the lower jaw, you see some light colored things.  They are in dinner!   There is a little thingy that comes out of his lower jaw (maybe out of the tongue?) and they move around like a lure.  I would say they work because when we came back around, there were not as many fish.

Wild turkey and a hawk.

I love frogs!


Okay, these next two pictures really crack me up!  The mountain lion's face is the same, but it looks like it takes on my expression in each one.  Top one - he is serious like me.  Bottom one he is smiling - like me.

I am sure a lot more went on in April, but this is what I remember the most.  It just occurred to me I am over half a year behind.  Ha ha!

Until later....Karen and Tripp who enjoyed the ride but has also enjoyed his break.

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Tripp's halter is very cool. Bugsy, ever the fashion critic, heartily approves