Friday, September 19, 2008

Wednesday Pictures....Thursday Update

Good morning! I was going to try to update this last night but it didn't work out. We have been so tired and just haven't got much sleep. We got out of the talent show last night and Angela and Jessi called me. Hi guys!!! :-) I was thinking it was 11:00 at night and it was only 9:30! I was so excited about getting to bed after taking Tripp for a walk.

It was a gorgeous night and we walked and trotted around the outdoor arena. It felt so good to get out.....we decided that even tho we are having sooooo much fun, we aren't stall material. :-) We are ready to go home and have some weeds to munch on. Even the weeds in the sidewalks here aren't appetizing to him.

GIRTH AREA UPDATE: It is still very touchy as of last night, so I put more ointment on it, with a couple of added essential oils to help. Brian thinks he will be okay this morning....I sure hope so! If we can get thru this, we can be done until Sunday. Because of this, we have practiced cantering, so if we do get to show, we might or might not try it....will depend on him and his actions. There is also that rope gate that has fake plants hanging on it.....hmmmmm, I don't see good things coming out of that either. But it will be fun trying!

Here are some pix from Wednesday:

This is the hallway to our stall area - The Duke is our neighbor to the right. When we first got here, there was nobody back there.

We got our decorations up, or most of them anyways, and Brian is napping in front of the stall. Why is it guys can nap so easily? Is it because of the cowboy hat? Maybe I do need to get me one of those! Ha ha!

We were in one of the practice arenas walking around. This leads out to a side street, and we stood out there and watched the golf carts go back and forth.

Practice arena Wednesday evening......he handled everyone running around very nicely. It was hard to get to the obstacles because there were quite a few people - and some people would stay there and do it over and over again instead of just a couple of times and getting back in line.


We did our Conditioning and In Hand. Conditioning went very well for him! Yay! In Hand was not bad, but could have been better. We did trot when we were supposed to, but when we got to the trailer he would not just walk up there. He did paw it once - so I decided not to fight that battle and I walked in. He freaked me out a little bit.....he got both front feet in and hesitated. When he hesitates, he usually backs out again, and I didn't want to pull on him in front of everyone. Hee hee!!! He was standing there and I was literally begging him to come in. :-) I figure they could not hear me or see the desperation on my face since I was inside the trailer. He came in and I backed him out after a couple of bumps on the folded back divider. I was still happy.

Now to the feet. We lifted the first one and my cell phone rings! For those of you who don't know, I have a donkey braying as my cell here I am, all nervous, lifting feet, and a donkey brays in my pocket! I tried to ignore it, but it frazzled me. By this time also, Tripp was ready to move on, so we did get the other feet lifted, but it was rough, and once he walked away and I had to go get him. It was all very casual so I was fine.

The 'L' was not as smooth as we usually do it, but like I said, he was getting ancey.

All in all I am very pleased with how we did! Woo hoo!
But let me tell you all this. I am an early bird when I don't know what is going on. I don't know how long it takes to go thru this stuff, so I was waiting when the Star division started......we were out there a long time meandering around waiting for our division, then waiting for our turn. It was all that waiting that got him going. So for those of you who have never done this before - don't be too early! ha!

Last night was the Stang Stage. It was a talent contest, and it was pretty good. I wish I had the kind of talent that could put me up there...but I don't. I commend all of them for getting up there and doing their stuff. There was singing of serious songs, funny songs, a few comedians, a juggler, and scripture reader (which sounds dry but was awesome!) and a couple of poetry readers. The poems were great! Of course they were about mustangs....a couple of them were tear jerkers! Very cool.

Then we took Tripp walking, and even tho it was 9:30 after the show, it was 11:30 when we got back to the room.

Okay, I hate to predict anything, but I want to come back this afternoon to take a nap....we will see. I still need to walk around and find everyone we have been chatting with on the blogs.

Lynn Decker and I have been hanging out too. Her horse is Jimbo and he is a big dude too.

I have to get ready to get out of here.....gotta go feed Tripp and check out that girth line.

Will update later!

Karen and Tripp


Judy and Bob said...

What were you doing taking your cell phone into the ring? ROFL Did the Judges hear it?

Angela and Jessi said...

It's killing us to be stuck in Missouri and not there rooting you on! Breathe, Karen, breathe!

We're proud of you no matter what!

Tracey said...

Go, Karen and Tripp! Did you say how you did in the first round? Did I read so fast I missed it?

jill said...

Great job! I am speechless and still tired from the story about sleeping on the hay bales in the dew. So, did you answer your phone? This is definitely sounding like a working vacation. I am glad they could see and reward his great condition. Now I am wondering if it is more fun this year competing with all that work, or was it more fun last year spectating? I love your banners and table cover. Did you get your gray shirts dyed? You are almost to the point you can say "I did it". Go Karen! Still sending healing vibes to the girth area.