Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things about the EMM that were cool....

Everything was so big, so it is hard to remember what happened from one minute to the next. All I know is each minute was filled with something neat and fun.

You know how you go on vacation and while you are doing it you are having a great time, but when it is over you wonder what happened to the time, and were you really there? That is how I feel.

This morning when I got up I got to thinking about those neat little things ......

Arriving and getting to unload our own horse instead of just watching everyone else. Then hoping the tall buildings on each side and the sound of his hooves on the street would not be too much for him.

Getting to the barn early each morning and listening to and watching the hustle and bustle of getting the horses fed, and ready for their classes. Then there were the barn smells (okay, after a couple of days, not all were good) :-).

Walking up and down the aisle to and from our stall and speaking to each horse by name and giving them a rub on the forehead. I still have to look at my catalog to remember peoples name. Ha!

Taking Tripp for walks. We would walk outside the barn and he would just stop and look around with big curious eyes. Then he would look up at the sky and watch...he was not meant to be a stalled horse.

Seeing other trainers that you recognize from their blogs, and they recognize you too! And other people who have read the blogs who came by to visit. Rosalie and her daughter - oh I hope they check the updates because I can't remember her daughters name. It was a very beautiful name. If you read this, please e-mail me. I would love to hear from you again. I hope your trip home was a good one.

Strollers.....we were warned about strollers on the Yahoo Groups by Darlene, trainer Ashley's Mom. She was right, they were everywhere and they got close to the horses. Tripp did pretty good with them after he got to sniff one...it made me smile.

The day there was a cup of what I thought was tobacco juice sitting on my stuff in the tack stall, and Arvell Bass had to take it to the trash. It was only tea! HA! I told him that I thought it was the icky stuff and I was grossing out. Give me bone sticking out and gushing blood, and I would have been able to handle it. He laughed!

I have to finish getting ready for work now......just wanted to do this while I was thinking about it. I am still dreaming about it too. I have never consistently dreamed about anything in my life!

Hope everyone has a great day!

Until later...Karen and Tripp


Kirstin's Mustang Project 2008 said...

Karen & Tripp(yeah)
I don't know who was bidding against you either, but when you entered the auction arena my husband asked what about this one? I said no, Karen really wants to take him home. I saw your husband down a little ways from us and I watched as the bid kept going up. I was so worried that you wouldn't get to keep him. And then it just stopped and you had him. Kirstin and I just looked at each other and I said with tears in my eyes "She gets to keep him." I was so happy for you. I know the extent of the emotional tie that a trainer and their Mustang shares, it is truly an amazing bond. You are right about the pricing of these horses also. Nothing seemed to make sense. We walked away with Taz, the champion of the Idols division for only $1400. We hadn't budgeted that much, but we were really wanting a horse that Kirstin could jump on and enjoy as soon as she got home. To be honest, we really weren't expecting to win a bid there.
I am still so impressed by the trainers that we got to meet. Everyone was so nice and so supportive-some even offering help and advice.

Joan Fisher said...

Hi Karen & Tripp
It was over too fast wasen't it?
It was such a great experience meeting the horses and trainers.
Everybody was there for one cause and it was an experience everybody with training talent should take atleast once in their life. I laughed when I read about the tea incident. I met Arvell in the aisle while walking and calming my nerves. He was so funny. I think he knew I got 2nd in conditioning and wanted to know what I did to beautify Blossom. He walked his horse over to my stall area and shinned up his horses nose while we talked. (little did I know I was standing with a champion.) He and his wife run a guest ranch and are super nice folks. I was so excited when he made the top ten. He did a super job with his Mustang.
I'm like you, I try to keep the dream alive by remembering all the nice people and their Mustangs!