Monday, September 15, 2008

Wow...the time has come! We leave in the morning!

It has been a few days since I posted because I have not ridden for a few days. We have had so much darned rain, so between that and crazy schedules this past week, it wasn't my time to ride. I am going to try to take him out tonite for a little while just to find out if I remember how to ride! Ha ha!
He is smart, so he will fall right back into gear.

I will start with the GREAT news! This is actually a two parter......#1 - I ordered another bitless bridle and got it in! Yay! #2 - Brian got a call from a guy who lives by the arena, and he took the bridle because he thought it was leather and he didn't want it getting rained on. It is hanging in his garage - we will go get it tonite. The funny thing is I work with his sister, but she had not had time to talk to him about it yet. I am very excited!

We had our mustang adoption this weekend in Sedalia, MO and the plan was to take Tripp. The adoption was almost cancelled due to the mud, and I was advised not to take Tripp (of course wishing I had once I got there!). The trucks could not get into the original place the pens were set up - they moved the pens and the adoption was back on again! Yay! They did leave Saturday night instead of Sunday, but all in all they did alright.

We are leaving for Texas in the morning (Tuesday), will stay the night south of Oklahoma City, then Wednesday morning roll in to Fort Worth. I can't believe that we are this close already. I am too stressed out about getting everything packed to be nervous yet. I have a long list of things to grab, and don't think for a minute that I left Tripp off that list! I have visions of getting a couple hours down the road and remembering that I forgot Tripp! ACK!
We don't even have our stall decorations finished yet. I also need to finish the scrap book. The scrap book is going either is almost done.

This has been one of the most incredible things I have ever done and I am very sad to see this journey end. On the other hand I am excited because I am wondering what new journey awaits me.

I am trying not to think about adoption day. I think I will be able to bring him home, but you just never know.

We are going to try and update the blog from down keep checking back.

After we get back from TX, I will be heading out of town for 3 weeks for work. I originally was headed to Baton Rouge, LA, but that can change between now and then. Will depend on where the stormy winds blow me. Perfect timing because we had a bunch of repairs done to the truck. I thought I just needed tires, but it turns out I needed ball joints, shocks, etc. So now all that is done...and I am so glad I get to work overtime those weeks!
While I am gone, if we bring him home, Tripp will go out in the weed field with the other horses to be a real horse for a bit. He has been wanting to go out there....he stands at the fence and just gazes at the others. I told Brian to keep a close eye on him the first couple of days to make sure nobody picks on him. And I am already prepared for all the green fuzz ball things that get in their manes and forelocks! Every single one of our horses is just full of them, and other than having a nice groomed pasture, which is a future project, I don't know how to get rid of those things.

Jill, thank you for my charm! :-) I am going to keep it close! You are a gem, and it was so nice to finally meet you in person!

Signing off but not for the last time.....
Until later....
Karen and Tripp


nikki said...

Good Luck in Ft Worth (not that you will need it!) can't wait to hear how it goes and I am sending lots of good thoughts and wishes your way about bringing Tripp home! :D

Karen Neuenschwander said...

I'm not much of a scrapbooker, but my mom's been working on one for Eli too! Can't believe this whole thing is almost over! Have a safe trip to Ft. Worth, and I'll see you there!

the other Karen

Judy and Bob said...

Go get em you two!
Don't forget to breathe!!!!

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Angela said...

Karen and Tripp:

I am dying to hear if you've arrived and doing ok.....Take care and like Judy said don't forget to breathe...Just psych yourself into believing you are still at that fun show arena with us and having a blast....


Angela, Jessi, Cordero, and Kahlua

Tracey said...

By now you'll have left. I hope you enjoy yourself, Karen! Have fun!

jill said...

Finally you have good weather and sunny days. I think it is a good sign! I have worked my day shifts and will get back on nightshift tonight watching DVD's to get a better idea what you have got yourself into.I think you wanted to prove an average backyard person could train one and turns out you're a talented horse trainer who used the backyard and then some. M'tang (superstitious about T's) has confidence in you too and sends a kiss. Goodluck. Thinking of you three almost every minute.

Karen C. said...

Thank you so much everyone! So far this has been amazing!!! Lots of good energy (a little bit of bad too - guess we can't escape that no matter where ya go!), fun people, and beautiful horses. Let me tell ya, most of these EMM horses are HUGE compared to Tripp! I didn't realize I had a little guy.

Let me see if I covered everything....I am breathing (I think) ha ha
We got here safe,
and Jill, give M'tang a kiss back from me! :-)

And who the heck is that Wowsgold poster person? Don't they know I am a little busy to be playing video games? ha!

Will post again tomorrow, hopefully with pictures!

See you all! Thank you again for the well wishes! Gosh this is fun!

Karen and Tripp

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