Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Our local BLM mustang adoption weekend...

This past weekend we had our local adoption, and it was the first one that I got to participate other than showing up and saying "Yes, I have a mustang at home." This time I got to say "Yes, this is Tripp!" I had so much fun! We had a pretty good group of friends with their gentled mustangs, and the turnout for lookers was real good. Out of 38 horses, 19 went back. We had 12 official adoptions, 2 TIP horses, and 5 fosters accounted for. I have two of those fosters, and will tell about them in a new entry.

We got to see them unload the horses, which was a treat. I had heard stories, and this was much quieter than what I expected. Yay!

Here is the mustang truck backed up to the chute.

Here is Tripp in his pen, waiting for the truck to unload...he is quite bored...

The first night we walked around to check them out, and many of them were already friendly enough to let us pet on them.

Brian gets a smooch on the first night.

They took their turn at the water trough...I used my imagination while I watched them and pictured them waiting for their turn at the watering hole...

Checking things out...


Here is the first one being loaded...and she was a tough nut! Randy on the left and Dave on the right patiently waited for her to settle down. She is a very athletic little thing!

We did not have much color - well, in my opinion they are all full of color, but you know what I mean. There was this gray mare, and she was short and stocky. I usually like bigger horses, but there was something about her. Let's just say that I was saved by an adopter! Whew! Yep, she went home with someone. Yay!

Brian visiting with the newly arrived mustangs...

The rest will be random....

April and Nevada, her mustang partner, were checking out their reflection in the glass. Isn't this cuter than heck?

A little girl climbed up on the panels to visit Tripp. It was so cute!

Kristi from our Midwest Mustang and Burro Saddle Club visiting with a little baby we all wanted to take home! You can't tell by this picture, but it had an offset white snip and was the cutest darn thing! Kristi and her husband Randy came in from Kansas to support our Missouri members. Woo hoo!
We are hoping that this baby got adopted. It went back on the truck and we were all bummed out, then Angela, one of our other members wanted the tag number because she thinks she has someone interested. We are keeping our fingers crossed! :-)

Palomino in the pens...

April and I took a short ride for a break. Her horse Nevada is awesome, and April and Nevada are the team that Tripp and I needed for our confidence. It was sunny but the wind was cold. We were told that we were gone 1/2 hr. Nice! :-)

Jessi and her wonderful mustang Kahlua...and this cute little girl! I missed the perfect shot, but you all get the idea. Kahlua is a gem!

Jessi found an itchy spot on one of the mustangs. I don't know who was having more fun...Jessi or the baby!?

Tripp and I visiting with a group of people...nothing like a black horse to get peoples attention. :-)

Dave with the BLM is one of my favorite people. I have loved this guy since the first time we met him! I was helping with the chute gates (which was cool I might add!) and this little girl comes trotting herself up there and gets up on the steps, and lets Dave know she is there to help and check things out. It was so cute! Of course my awesome pictures were blurry, which makes them not so awesome, but this one is still good. Dave even let her wear his hat for a little while.
I do want to add that our whole BLM crew that was here are wonderful people who care about the horses. All the volunteers were fun too. I can't wait to see everyone again.

April has a wonderful supportive husband - here he is holding Nevada and visiting with the kids. Bryan's mustang Zip stayed home on this trip.

There were some more from the Saddle Club that I did not get pictures of, darn it. There was Diana and Nikko, her 2007 EMM mustang, Mendy and her mustang Evie, Angela and her Kiger mustang Cord. If someone else has pictures, I will get them and post them here.

Here is Patience the mustang, Andrea the friend, Sherry, the partner of Patience, and Jessi. Sherry and Jessi were doing some vaulting. Jessi has been taking lessons for a couple of weeks, and we all thought she did great! Andrea has been vaulting since she was 8 yrs old.

Tripp did great altho he did get a little impatient. He doesn't like being inside too long. In 2008 the Granny's House girls competed in the yearling division of the EMM, and they were here today. One of them (girl on the left) was whinnying out the window of the vehicle, and Tripp, who was in the outside pen blowing off steam, kept whinnying back! They went back and forth the longest time, and it was hilarious! Tripp was disappointed that it was a human filly he was talking to, but glad he got to see the girls again. :-)

Another shot of the white snip baby we all liked...

Tripp in the outside pen...

Tripp was amazing! Even when he was being all full of himself and we were lunging circles, he spotted kids and would stop. The funniest one was when he was shaking that head and his long mane was flying around looking all gorgeous (sorry, lost my focus), and he spotted a lady holding a baby. He stopped, looked, and started walking towards the baby. He loves kids!

We had the best time!!! I even made the paper, which was pretty darn exciting for me! I tried real hard for the 2008 EMM to get an article written in any one of our local papers and did not have any luck. They didn't need another horse story. I need to thank Angela for this one! I was talking to someone and she called me over to talk to the reporter. Angela's daughter Jessi laughed and said I told the guy my life history. I might have! Ha ha! Here is the link: http://www.columbiatribune.com/news/2010/feb/27/mustangs-fit-to-be-tamed/

Gotta go now...will hopefully get more updates on here asap!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who loves showing off, but not for long periods of time. :-)


mkyamse said...

Loving all the pics. =)

nikki said...

I love going to BLM adoptions! That's awesome that you got to bring Tripp with and talk to people. :)

Is that BLM wrangler Dave from WI? I think he was at the BLM adoption I went to and was one of the sweetest guys. He ended up in one of the pens brushing one of the mustangs lol

Jill said...

You have such a knack for writing! I think the blog is more fun than actually going! Great pictures! I wish I could have heard Tripp and the whinny exchange, that had to be hilarious! He looks so cool in the outdoor pen, and so bored in the indoor.
I am so happy you got the newspaper article this time!!

Karen C. said...

Thanks Michelle. I found that I spent more time talking than taking pictures...that is not normal for me. :-)

Yes Nikki, same guy. He works out of the Milwaukee office and is a sweetheart. We hit it off the first time I met him, and now that I think about it, he has a gift because I have never seen him meet a stranger.

HI Jill, I wish I could have gotten the whinny exchange on video. It made it even more special that it was one of his girls. :-)

Hmmm, I wish I could get paid for blogging, but since I don't I better leave. Hee hee! Work is calling!