Friday, May 7, 2010

Flash and his this is what horse love is all about!!!

Hello everyone, we are members of the Flash Posse!  Just letting you all know that we love Flash and he is a great addition to the group!  Not only for us, but our kids.   

I was going to let Flash tell his story, but he is speechless.....look at this picture!  He has a little girl who loves him and he loves her hugs!  He just didn't know what to say because he is all choked up!  Now this is what loving a horse is all about!  And check out the smile on that little boy!  Yep, Flash is a picture of the way all horses should be treated!  :-)

Yee haw!  These two are getting ready to go on a trail ride!  They each have on their cowboy/cowgirl boots...what more do they need? 

This cowboy don't need no stinkin' saddle!  :-)

This cowgirl don't need no stinkin' saddle....she just chooses to have one.  :-)

When I saw these pictures, I was speechless just like Flash!  I was filled with so much happiness at the happiness that Flash has found, and I wish that all horses, ponies, donks, mules, etc., could be so lucky.  This is what they deserve!  I am mentally giving hugs to all equines out there!

Thank you Michelle for loving Flash and giving him his own kids to take care of.  He looks great! 

Until later....Karen and Tripp who misses me (I am out of town right now)


Angela said...

Aww, now that's what happy endings look like...think of all the adventures the kids will go on with Flash, LOADS of fun in their futures....

Becky said...

Sweet story, reminds me of the quote, "All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a little girl."