Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What the boys are doing without me....meaning Brian, Paco and Thunder

So, yesterday evening I get this phone call from Brian and he is very excited about his night, which of course gets me excited because I want to know what was going on!

Not only did he get to work with both boys, he worked with them together, as in at the same time! They lunged, they went over the logs, they trekked around the yard and trailers, and they trailer loaded! He got some video and did tell me that this part of the video is the pretty part - and that all of it was not this pretty! Ha ha! He was working on lunging both of them together and they would get confused and lead lines would get tangled, but they tried hard to understand what Brian was asking and they all worked it out. Brian said he was so proud of both of them.

I never quit being amazed at these wonderful mustangs and what they will do with a little patience and understanding....I love them all so much and wish the best for them, and hope they will have the wonderful life they deserve.

Brian had Madison shoot this short video then Brian put it together last night for me to post. I want to compliment Madison on what a good job she did. It is very steady and I thought he had it on a tripod.
When I watched it this morning I could not stop grinning!!!!!! Brian is obviously very proud and excited, and he should be! I am proud of all of them! :-D

And here are both boys in the trailer looking quite proud of themselves - as they should! Paco is sporting a little bit of mud. :-)

Great job you guys!!!!

Until later....Karen and Tripp


Angela said...

AH, BRIAN YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!!! Way to go....I'm so proud of you!

David said...

Great job Brian on the horses and the video! And Madison did an awesome job of holding that camera.

Tina said...

That Brian, he's a keeper for sure! :)

Becky said...

A fellow mustang owner, hello there! :) Thanks for the comment, as for saddle fit... the saddle fits, the girth doesn't. lol I bought it a size up because it was the smallest size they had & I've never had an issue with it as long as it was tightened all the way up, that is until today. I guess a sweaty horse & a lose girth isn't a great combination! Who woulda thunk it? lol What handsome boys you've got! I'm especially impressed with the double lunging... sometimes I can barely get my ONE to lunge, lol