Friday, May 7, 2010

Thunder finds the benefit of trailer loading...

Have you all ever started a new job, things went great for a couple days then you come in and have a brain cramp day and no matter what you do, you just can't remember what to do?  Thunder was going thru that.  He trailer loaded himself more times than I can count, but when it came to following me in or driving in, he had a problem.  We were getting real good at the two front feet load, but his back feet would get stuck.  I could coax him in, but I wanted him to just hop up there without any worries.

We finally did it!  I got word that I was leaving town for work and I really wanted to get him all the way in several times before I left so that Brian would have an easier job when it came to practice time.  We practiced our driving over logs then we would head to the trailer.  We just walked up to it a couple times, then walked away and worked again.  When we got back to the trailer he got both front feet up there, then I offered him a bite of grass.  HUH?  GRASS?????  I had to laugh because he stretched himself out about as far as he could to get that bite!  Once those back feet got unstuck, he was great.  He came in a couple of times, then we went for another walk, worked on other things, then went back.  Now I was going to try to drive him in by himself....he is getting better at the driving part, so I had confidence that he would go right in - and he did!  We did it several times and he realized that the trailer was a good place. 

Wait, is there hay in there?????  Yep!  Then I fed him his antibiotic grain in there.  Life is good in the trailer!


I was so proud of him, and watching him think it thru once he got it made me smile.  I really love watching their expressions when they start to understand something, and then you watch the expressions that show how proud of themselves they are.  These are a couple of pictures I still had on my camera before I left.   

I was sent to Tennessee to work, and did not have much notice.  I have been real busy at work, and at night I could not get the laptop to connect to the Internet.  I got some help and wa-la!  Internet!  Tonite I am getting caught up on e-mails and blog postings.  I have been here a few days, and while I am gone Brian is picking up where I left off.  He has been doctoring Thunders nose, and working with both of them each night, even if it is for a few minutes.  Trailer loading is the #1 thing they do, then he changes it up with other things depending on how much time he has.  I talked to Brian tonite and he is beaming!!!  Both of these guys have been loading like champs and tonite was the best!  Brian had quite a bit of time to spend with them, so he told me about the 'obstacle course' he took both of them thru around the yard.  I think that Brian is going to find out he knows a lot more than he think he knows....he isn't forcing it, he takes his time, if something isn't working out the way it should, he is finding a gentle way to ask a different way....he is doing great in my opinion.  I love you baby!

Hope everyone is doing well!
Until later...Karen and Tripp who remembers coming home after the 2008 EMM....he remembers I had to leave for work then too.  He misses me.  :-)

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Angela said...

Sorry Karen, this is not about you....AHEM, WAY TO GO BRIAN!!!!!!! It seems you are filling your time while Karen's gone, eh? I hope you are having a blast....