Saturday, June 30, 2012

What is a girl to do on a hot summer day? Play with horses!

I was on a roll!  After getting on Romeo and moseying around, I started to eyeball Wyoming.  It had been a while since I was on him and I missed it!  How is he going to be my endurance prospect if I dont' start working with him again?  He has a great mind when handled right, so I decided to begin our journey too.  I have been doing a bit of ground work here and there but nothing consistent with him either.  Darn that job that just gets in the way!  Ha!  He is still as stiff as he used to be....when he turns it is like turning a boat.  You know how the whole thing moves without a bend?  Yep, that is my dear Wy.  :-)

I got on with my trusty stump and sat on him a little bit.  Funny....I was back on my narrow horse and comfy as I could be.  I will figure out what is different...I just don't know at this moment.  I did not plan on walking around at all...I was just going to get on and off a few times, and rub all over him while I was up there.  He had other things in mind - he wanted to walk out.  After a couple times of him trying to go, I made it 'my' idea and away we went....slowly walking around the barn lot.  Romeo and Wy are friends, so Romeo thought he would help push Wy along.

Romeo is showing off his stocky butt....he doesn't understand why anybody would want a skinny butt!  

I just can't explain how happy I was!  It has been so long and I had forgotten how fun he is to ride.  And get this...we only walked around and I had THIS MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!  He is very smooth and just needs some time to get used to things again.

Later that day we let everyone out onto the hillside so we could move bales around and get a few things done without having to worry about gates.  Chase LOVES to be tall...and the dirt pile was his cup of tea!

Wyoming and Romeo are at the round bale ring...and Batman is giving the call of the wild wondering where everyone is at!

Wy and Romeo decide to go save Batman!

In the meantime, the rest of the group is in the hay bale storage area munching on weeds and grass sprouts.  Stormy is showing off....he can eat and do the cowboy curtain obstacle at the same time.

Romeo, Wy and Chase at the mud pit pond.

 Chase spent a lot of time in the pond.  As you can see, it is very shallow.  It dried up for the first time last year.  I am hoping we can get a Bobcat out this year when it dries up and get the thing scooped back out again.  Brian would like to fill it in and use it as a training pen area, which is a great idea!  It would be one of the flattest place we have to do it....we shall see.
By the way, Wyoming went trotting across the mud pond before Chase got in, but I did not have my camera with me.  I was just thinking "Good Wyoming!  Self condition yourself for our first endurance ride!"

Then the next day I decided to ride again.  And I found out something that freaked him out!  I tied the lead rope around as a loop rein, and the extra was too short to go in a belt loop and too long to tie up to the nose band.  I decided to just double up and hold it.  I had grabbed the loose end and flipped it around a bit and he went into a panic, like he thought I was going to wap on him.  I thought maybe I just startled him so did it again and he was actually scared.  I did not push the issue...we will have plenty of time to work on that kind of stuff.  I am just trying to figure out where that came from (I have an idea....).  No worries...he is a thinker and we will work thru it.  We just moseyed around instead.

Always a distraction at Kaboodle Farm!  If it isn't guineas flying over head, it is Pimp Daddy strutting in the path.  I love my life!  :-)

I had a great evening!  It was one of those evenings that was planned out, then the plans did not pan out.  So I had to make new plans.  It was one of those evenings that reminded me how blessed I am...

Until later...Karen and Tripp who says to let Wyoming have at that endurance stuff...more power to him!  ;-)

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