Friday, August 31, 2012

Hershey and Tripplettes first month as mini mustangs...

Where has the time gone?  Hershey and Tripplette have lived here for a month and so far so good.  One of the first things Madison and I did was give them a bath.  Hershey enjoyed it much more than Tripplette did.  Tripplette said she was not scared, it was just not something she felt was necessary.  Mustangs don't get baths from the two legged people in the wild!  (I think she is taking this mustang thing to heart!)

Dogs don't seem to bother either one of them.

 Madison has enjoyed messing with the mini's.  She has groomed them and taken them for walks.  I got to thinking we should take them to the wildlife area and walk the trails.  We both need the exercise and the mini's would love it!  OH!  Brian needs to go to so Batman can tag along.


Grandma Tandee thinks it is okay they are living here.  She knows that sometimes we all need a helping hoof to get ourselves back on track.  :-)

I'm not looking!!!!

Now I'm looking!!!

We kept Hershey and Tripplette in a smaller penned off area for the first few days so they can eat in peace, and so I knew they were safe from the others.  Nobody is mean, but you never know how the dynamics are going to be when you have someone that is weaker in the bunch.

Grooming time...


Hershey had a few burrs in her mane and bangs...

Madison and Hershey...


Madison and Tripplette...

One day I came home from work and headed out to the barn lot to check on everyone.  Here is Hershey standing by the remains of the round bale...


...and here is Tripplette at the bottom of the hill trying to find stray peaces of green stuff!  ACK!  We have escapees!

It appears I forgot to latch the panel, so both girls were out, and Wyoming and Batman were in their pen.  I walked out and Wyoming and Batman had ears up and watched me come to them...just like they were smiling!  And to be honest, they probably were!  The pen we set up is where Wy and Batman hang out to visit with the outside group - and we turned their lives upside down when we took that way.  Oh the horror..... (yes, there was sarcasm there...ha ha!)

For the most part the girls got along with the group.  The donks don't bother them at all, they are not afraid of the llama and give him a few kicks if he gets too close, and they know to get away from the bigs when they get the 'look'.  The only thing I worried about was Wyoming.  He is normally a lover and not a fighter, but there was something about them he just didn't like.  He even body slammed Hershey one day and sent her rolling.  I was shocked beyond belief!  Thankfully Hershey got up and hobbled away (this was before she started walking better), but still, I did not expect it.  It got MUCH better in a short period of time...whew!  I would stay out there and just watch, and when I saw the look in Wy's eyes and his posture, I would say his name low and slow.  He is smart and he was like "OOPS!  Got caught by Mom!"  :-)  Now he gives them the look if they get close to his treat feed, but other than that, no worries.

Wyoming says "I don't know what you are talking about.  That is my story and I am sticking to it!"

 When the mini's got out, Hershey did not do any running, but Tripplette did!  Woo wee that little girl can run and she was so cute!  She had so much fun and was feeling better after just a few days here.  I did get video on my phone and am trying to get it sent to the computer so I can post it.  She had her tail up just like a little solid black Arabian!

Then it was time for the vet....I only got a couple of pictures here because I was helping hold them up after her night night medicine.  Their stock isn't made for mini's so we had to get creative.  I love my vet!  Dr. Cliff Miller from Green Hills Vet Clinic in Moberly, MO.  In fact, all their vets are great, but Dr. Cliff was who we started with so he is my favorite.

He is getting Hershey ready to get her teeth checked.  She is the weakest one but also the one who showed the most displeasure about being violated this way.  :-)

I forgot my camera so had to use the phone for a picture of the inside of her mouth.  See that big yellow looking tooth on the right side of the picture?  It was very long while the others were short, so she could not get the chewing action she needed.  The bottom jaw had a gap where that long tooth cradled in, so it did have a place to fit so she could close her mouth, but like I said, no chewing action to speak of.  She also has a weird underbite and the way the molar sits affects that too.  Dr. Cliff took down as much molar as he could for the first time and got the rest all smoothed off.  We go back in December for another go at that tooth.  Tripplette just had a few hooks but nothing dramatic like this.

The coggins papers for them say they are both 4 yrs old.  I knew Tripplette was close and knew that Hershey was not close.  The vet is guessing Tripplette at 5 and Hershey as a teenager.  They are guessing her to be 12 - 15 yrs old.  Her teeth are a bit weird so he and another vet got the book out and were looking at the whole picture.  She guessed the same thing Dr. Cliff we just say Hershey is a teenager.  He had us power pack both of them and we just feed them separately and some stuff with a bit higher fat in it.

Thomas the cat used to be an indoor cat and now he is mostly outdoor.  He will come indoors to nap or eat then he is ready to go back out.  He has lost 3 lbs since his vet check last year!  That is a lot for a cat!  He was a 20 pounder last year and this year he is a 17 pounder!  Yay!  That is what staying away from the 24/7 food source along with being outside exercising will do for ya!  :-)

Thomas is being stalked by a guinea...

I tried to get some updated pictures of the girls to show you all how their ribby gaps are filling in.  This shows it pretty good.  Tripplette is still very narrow and Hershey still needs some mass along her back and butt, but all in all they are doing well.  The other day was the first day I could really notice a difference.   Hershey still walks weird and Tripplettes hind end needs to strengthen up.  We will get that checked out when they are in better shape in December.

Hershey says to have a wonderful day and see ya next time!

Until later....Karen and Tripp who is pretty impressed he has a mini of himself!  He didn't know there could be two of him with equal cuteness!  ;-)  

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Michelle said...

Wow, Tripplette reminds me of our old pony, Beauty. They both look very happy.