Sunday, August 12, 2012

Trail Ride with Friends at Indian Camp Creek Park

Two weekends ago our trail ride got rained we tried again today.  I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and could not get back to sleep.  Got up at 4:30 and checked radar to make sure we were not going to have a repeat.  Nope!  It was good to go!  Woo hoo!

It was overcast, about 80'ish and just beautiful out!  Great day for a ride with friends.  I have never been to this park before so I was very excited.  I was told the trails are awesome, not too rocky, so no boots needed.  I was not disappointed, and neither was Tripp!  He was really moving out while on the powdery stuff.

I left a little early since I was not sure where I was going, so I got there first.  Surprise - no outhouses!  So I took Tripp for a walk down the trail to find a hidden spot for me to take a quick break. It was not long before Angela and Jessie showed up.  They live pretty close and are the ones who suggested the park to ride.  A bit later our friend Patty showed up.  Our group is now ready!

Tripp is saddled and ready to go.  In the background is Jessi and her 2010 EMM
'yearling' (he is about 3 now), Steen's Valero.  Jessi has done all the work with him herself, and today was such fun to watch the two of them.  Valero is still a 'baby' and he might test her once in a while, but that little horse will do anything for her!  It really is awesome to watch the two of them.  This was going to be Valero's first trail ride with a group.

 To the left is Cordero (darn it, his whole name is escaping me right now).  He is a Kiger and about 5 yrs old now.  Angela got him when he was a scrubby little yearing and he is finally a big beautiful boy.  This is Cord's first trail ride with a group too.  They were counting on Tripp to be the seasoned guy on the trail, and I was worried.  This morning Tripp and I were having differences of opinion, and he was mad at me.  Mad enough that when we stopped to get gas, he took a step back and looked the other way instead of letting me play with his muzzle.  :-)

Close up of Valero.  It is hard to believe he is on his way to being a grown up.  He was a good sized yearling, and his legs and hooves are incredible now!  Big and strong....I can only imagine what he will be like in a couple more years. 

Handsome Cord waiting patiently on the other side of the trailer.  His mane is sooooooo long and pretty!

This big boy is Joe.  He is a big raw boned paint who reminds me of a strawberry roan gelding I used to ride as a kid.  Joe was a good boy too, and his job was to pony Dusty the mustang.

Dusty the mustang is a cutie patootie!  He has been ponied at home but not this long before.  It did not take long for him to fall into place.  I followed most of the ride and it was fun watching him sneak bites of grass, step crooked off of the edge of the trail because he was looking at things instead of watching where he was going.  A few times he would go on the other side of a sappling, and his lead rope was dropped.  He would turn around and look at me with a look of "Did you see that?  Hee hee!" on his face!  He is a lot of fun, and will be a neat horse when he grows up.

I started out leading and everyone was doing pretty good.  The only time Tripp really bobbled was when we went around a corner and went into the creek bed.  He is fine on gravel, but sand freaks him out.  He stopped in his tracks and started backing up!  The two green horses, Cord and Valero, both went ahead of Tripp then all was well.  Other than that, Tripp was a joy to ride!

Everyone took turns taking the lead, and Jessi and Valero were great!  Whenever there was something that made him or Cord hesitate, Jessi would urge him forward to check it out (big sawed off logs and sitting benches mostly), Valero would sniff it, then head on down the trail.  That horse is a thinker!

Angela and Cord took over after the creek episode, which worked for me because I wanted pictures!

This twirly picture is what happens when I drop the camera....thank goodness for the wrist band!  Ha!

There were a few switchbacks which make great photo ops!  My only problem was low light and me moving around a lot....I got a lot of blurry pictures.  :-)

Here is Valero checking out a bench.  After Cord knew it was not going to swallow Valero, he sniffed it too.  I was so proud of both of them!  I believe that both of them are so grounded because of what Angela and Jessi exposed them to early on.  They also took them everywhere for new experiences!  

The trails crossed over roads, and were multi use trails.  We encountered hikers and bicyclists both.  Mostly bikes.  What a fun place to mountain bike!

Notice who is leading....Jessi decided she liked to lead because Valero needed the experience.  It really warms my heart to see Angela and Jessi ride together...I did not mention it earlier, but Jessi is Angela's daughter.  :-)  I would love it if my Mom and I could ride together.

Here is what the park outhouses look like from the back.  We did not stop at this one, but I sure needed to! 

Cord looking cute.

I needed to stop at the next outhouse.....they held Tripp for me and I just had to get a picture!  I was moving slow because my knees hurt so darn bad, so why not make good use of my time and take a picture?  :-)

Group shot of everyone.  From the left we have Patty on Joe, her mustang Dusty, Jessi on Valero, Angela on Cord, and Angela is holding Tripp for me.


After the outhouse break we had a wider open trail.  Everyone is spread out showing that the horses know they don't have to be nose to butt.  They were all very relaxed and comfy in their spot on the trail.  We kind of leap frogged along this part of the trail too.

Patty on Joe, and Dusty getting some groceries for energy.  :-)

Did ya all think I forgot?  Nope!  Self portrait to prove I was there!  :-)

 Patty is trying to take pictures while riding too.  I can't wait to hear how hers turned out.

We made it back to the creek and Jessi and Valero were having a great time.

Patty went up on the creek bank and was taking pictures from up there.

Tripp played in the water too, and we moved around in the sand.  He was much better this time around.  I know it is something we need to work on, but we don't have sand pits close. 

Tripp has a wet nose from blowing bubbles.

All the horses seemed to enjoy walking thru the water.

It was time for the final leg of the trail.  We did a 5.6 mile loop and were almost back to the parking lot.

Tripp watching them go around the corner.  

Everyone is unsaddled and getting brushed and rubbed on.  Jessi and Angela brought water jugs and offered water to all the horses.  I had a bucket but that did not do me any good since there was no water out there.  Oh wait, it did do me some good....I used it as a mounting bucket when we started the ride!  :-)  

YUM YUM YUM!!!!  Grass as a treat!  Note the two trail riders over Cord's neck.  This is a very popular area to ride.  And even tho there were several trailers when we got back, we only saw a couple of horses while on the trail.

The End.....for now....

This park is a bit over 2 hrs from our house, which is not bad.  We had a great time and I am so glad we went.  Tripp and I made a truce and life was good again.  :-)

Until later....Karen and Tripp who says he did not diss is all interpretation!

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