Friday, August 31, 2012

Looking back on July...

Hmmm, where has the summer gone?  It has been a dry, hot, long one, that is for sure!  But we have survived like everyone else...just a little more sweaty than normal.  It doesn't matter how hot it gets, life on the farm still goes on.

We picked a day to trim hooves on donks.  We did not use the power grinder on the donks...I just knew it would not be a good situation, and it was too darn hot to talk them into it.

JESTER:  Noooooooo....I don't want to be first!

JESTER:  I think I will just rest my hoof on the railing for the girl.  I will let her think it is her idea.

Batman is 3 yrs old now and still a ham.   He wants to see what Brian is doing.  Nothing like checking e-mail in the barn lot.  (Not barn lot time is not techy time!)

The boys will play!  When we put out new round bales we open the gate to the storage area.  They like to run in and run out...I think they feel like they are getting away with something.  :-)

Batman looking all cute!

Brian is picking up sticker branches and he has an audience.  Wow, from this angle Red (aka Romeo) looks like a prego mare!  Ha ha!  He is an easy keeper and has not been he is like me.  A bit soft and out of shape.  :-)

When Brian goes to a new area to pick up sticker branches, they follow him to make sure he is doing it right.

Frog in the garden...

We were very worried about the bees this summer because everything is dieing off.  We did not know if they would find food or not.  The dark spot on the front of the one hive is a bunch of bees hanging out.  When it gets hot, they will cluster at the front.  The other two hives didn't get this bad.

This little purple gem is Chicory.  It is normally a 'weed' that we mow down in the yard, but the bees love it, so we have a weed yard.
Here is the short version of what Chicory is:  The chicory plant is Cichorium intybus, is a hardy perennial with purplish-blue flowers that open and close at the exact same time each day.

And they do too!  They open in the morning and are closed by late morning.  Isn't that cool?  To read more about Chicory go to this site:
There are a lot of other sites out there too that tell about the herbal qualities.  Interesting stuff!  It is amazing what resources we have all around us but don't have any idea.

Here are a few Chicory plants around the hives in the morning.  The purple is so brilliant when the sun rises and hits them just right.

Chicory plants around the young tree that is almost dead due to the drought.  But the Chicory has survived!  :-)

It has been so dry and doesn't take much to get a dust bath going.  The heat also doesn't stop the group from finding play time!  We should be more like them.  :-)

Red looking all cute!  For the longest time I just didn't bond with him...and I tried.  It was not that I didn't like him, it was just that he didn't have much of a personality so I was not drawn to him.  He was just there.  After hanging out with the horses, burros, mini's and a llama, he is showing more personality and I actually enjoy going out to see him now.  He also greets me with a deep nicker every morning and evening.  :-)  I am a sucker for a good nicker!  Hee hee!

Wyoming loving his scrach time.

Wyoming the handsome dude.  His mane had started to grow out nicely this Spring, then he started scratching with someone and it is back to being short and fuzzy again.  :-)

Okay, this sign comes with a story.  I came home early thinking that I had the house to myself.  I get undressed, head to the laundry room to find a t-shirt (which was not there!), then was going to head back to the bedroom to throw my jeans on.  I was home - I am free as a bird!  :-)  Well.....guess who pulls up?  Brian and his kids!  THEY WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!  I ended up getting trapped in the laundry room with no I sat in the laundry basket nekid and they had no idea I was there.  Brian headed to the barn thinking that is where I was and the kids stayed in the house...and I stayed sitting in the laundry basket!  Brian found me later.  (I laugh about it now...)  I was not a happy camper so just didn't say anything...I knew whatever I said would not come out nice.
So, the next time he was to show up with his kids, I put a note in the laundry basket telling him I was at the barn.   He got a kick out of it and took a picture. 

Brian playing Wilson (from Tim the Toolman Taylor).

I let the water tank overflow because the turkeys were panting so hard.  They loved the runoff!

This is a good idea of what July was but good.

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is tired of sweating for no reason.  

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