Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mood lighting...rainy ride...flooding roads... (end of May)

The end of May was no different than the crazy weather we have had earlier in the Spring.  I look at these pictures and smile.  I am one who loves looking back at what was...

After a rainy ride we had some of the neatest clouds!

Tandee in the back yard with mood lighting...I like to think that God is kissing everything with a very special light.

My girl is 32...I have had her in my life since she was 5.  :-)

The ride started out good.  Looked like it could rain but I thought "Oh, it won't rain.  I will be fine."  Famous last words! 

TRIPP:  "Who could that be coming across the dam?"

TRIPP:  "Oh look!  It is Bob!"
Bob is a rider I have seen out here a few times.  Very nice fellow!  Bob didn't think it would rain this point we were both pretty drenched.

I love Tripp!  I met these two riders who were riding English, and they asked if it was okay if they cantered off.  I said "Sure!" and Tripp was not at all interested in following them.  I will admit sometimes I wish he would get the lead out, but most of the time I am glad he doesn't feel the need to chase other horses.

This was a big camping weekend, and this group of riders came in right after me.  They were drenched too...and laughing and having a good time.

Tripp...not so much of a good time.  Ha!  He is still cute...even when he looks disgusted.

The rain happened quick...and a small stream was coming down the hill.  Can you tell the pics are out of order? 

We crossed the road to pick up the trail, and this small group had the same idea...Tripp wanted to know if it was okay if he followed them.  This was before the rain and I still was feeling pretty confident it wouldn't rain.  Silly me!

Yep, let's follow them a while.  It was kinda funny because the person in front of me is a young kid, and he kept looking back at me.  I smiled and waved and there was no response...just watched me.  We all made it to the fork in the trail and they went to the right and I went to the left.

I went to visit a friend and was not there long.  The road was clear when I went to her house, and water was over the road when I came back.  Normally I won't drive thru water going over the road, but it happens here all the time and I knew I was good to go.

Then I made it to my road.  This area floods a lot too.  It was just a little weird because it happened so quickly.

The corner was covered...there are people on the other side checking it out.

And this is how it looked the next day.

The road started to wash out at a culvert.

The creek bed flooded into the pasture.

Not to fear...the cows had a path along the fence line and back up the hill if they decided to turn around.

And this is how it looked the next day.

I enjoying catching up on the reminds me that even tho I feel tired all the time, I still found time to enjoy life.  :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who jealous that cows had a 'pool' and he didn't. 

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