Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tripp says "Apparently iNuNciation is important...nicker snort!"

Hello all!  Tripp here, and I want you all to know that the Girl doesn't forget anything!  Okay, I am sure she forgets some things, but why couldn't she forget this one little thing?

Let me start from the beginning.....the Girl left work early on May 17th because she was in a fuNk.  So I was telling all my horse and barnyard friends that the girl was in a fuNk so I took her out to make it all better.  Sounds great, right? 

Well, apparently I don't pronounce my 'N's the way I I was telling everyone the girl was in a Fu_k!  Ummm, yes....this is not a good thing!  Oops!  Nicker snort!

Do you think my barnyard friends could have at least told me? 

Oh nooooo....instead they were all laughing, and I thought it was because I am fuNNy!

Thankfully the Girl thinks I am cute, and she forgave me.  Don't tell anyone, but I saw her hold her hand up to her mouth and look the other way...yes, she was giggling.  I am so happy the Girl loves me!

So, the girl was in a fuNk and she needed Mustang Tripp therapy.  What a beautiful day we had together!  Oh look!  Some other people have the same idea!

Crossing the lake dam...there is something jumping around in the grass....what can it be?

A finch!  It hopped around right below us.  I checked to make sure it was okay, and it was.  It flew off.  Whew!

Lots of pretty flowers are blooming...

The forest is starting to turn all green....I am writing this in July and it looks much different now than it did in mid May.

What a pretty day for a ride!

Tripp wanted to know who would leave a log in the middle of the trail...

Tripp:  "They could have at least left a treat on it!"

Tripp:  "I think I will move it out of the way so the next bypasser doesn't trip on it."

At the end of our ride we saw this thing go was being pulled by mules.

What a great day to ride.  The days I can leave work early to go spend time with Tripp is always special.

I am so blessed!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who thinks 'N's are over rated.  :-)

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