Sunday, February 1, 2015

July 7, 2014.....My first official trail ride of the year! Woo hoo!

I can't tell you how excited I am!!!!  Brian got the trailer hooked up for me and I headed to the Conservation area to ride.  Part of me was nervous because if Tripp wanted to push my buttons, it wouldn't take him long to figure out which side of me isn't working so well.  If something happened and I needed to hold on real quick with one hand, and 'drive' with the other hand, it wouldn't be pretty.  BUT.....I went anyways!  I was long overdue for some horse therapy.  It was just Tripp and I....right now I decided it is much safer for me to ride alone (which I do 99% of the time anyways). That way I can concentrate on us.

I had Brian's saddle with me, which is lighter than the big ranch saddle I sold (and was so comfy for me).  Then I got to hunting for my purple rope halter with my mecate reins tied on.....they were not in the truck!  Well heck...I was not 100% prepared.  I must be out of practice.  But guess what?  One of my bitless bridles was in the truck with the pink and black reins, so I hooked it up as a side-pull.  Perfect!  Getting the saddle on was not pretty either...but I managed.  Tripp was pretty tolerant of my fumbling around.  :-)

We rode 8 1/2 miles this day....around the nature loop then around the lake.  It was hot and muggy, Tripp was slow, but it was perfect!  It gave me some time to relax and enjoy myself, and to work on my riding.

I love his crazy hair mane!

Silly self portrait time!  :-)


On our way around the lake...

Fungus amung us!

Wild flowers...

The more I rode the more comfortable I got...

Tripp getting a grass break by the lake.  There are real large rocks here for me to use as mounting blocks.  :-)

OH!  This was a black snake skin in the water!

Pet Peeve!  The Mo. Dept. of Conservation is nice enough to put out trash cans along the trail in the summer.  Some yay-hoo's can't seem to hit the darn can!  They leave their trash laying around....and it really ticks me off!  If you can't get back on your horse after you get off to pick up your trash...maybe you should be walking a while!  Trust me...there are lots of fallen trees along the trails to remount. Oh wait, you would have to care first!  We have such a gorgeous place to ride and these ding dongs are going to screw it up for those of us who love this place and take care of it.  Yes, I picked up the trash and put it in the can.  :-)

My favorite place on the trail!  There are a few big rocks on the hillside, the creek is beautiful, there are more ferns than you can count....

Break time!  :-)

A nice roll for Tripp.  He earned this one!  In spite of him doing the grass diving thing and me having to figure out how to stop it, he was great!

The ride was great!  The arm/wrist sucked, but it was still a great ride!
Until later....Karen and Tripp who wonders if he will get another several months off....

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