Friday, October 3, 2008


Hello! Brian has been working with his new yearling, Joker, quite a bit. Joker is still a little shy, then after a few minutes he will relax a little bit. Tonite when I was talking to Brian, who was in the barn lot, Joker came up to him and let Brian rub his nose. Brian said that is the first time Joker has come up to him for attention. Very cool! Here is Joker.

Tandee, my 27 yr old Arab mare missed Tripp while he was gone...and I think it looks like he missed her too.

Tripp meets the rest of the group. Brian says that it has been very interesting watching the herd dynamics change. DARN! I am missing it! Thankfully they are getting along well!

I still have two weeks before I get to go home. I spent 3 months feeding Tripp and spending time with him...I was out there every single day before and after work...I really miss him. That little mustang has captured a piece of my heart and I am grateful to have him in my life. He is going to help teach me new things so I can teach other mustangs new things...he just doesn't know it yet. :-)

It is late and I need to get some sleep. Another early day tomorrow.

Until later....Karen and Tripp


Tracey said...

That yearling is cute!

Funny how herd dynamics work, isn't it? Sandy was so beat up when he came here, and so nervous! Obviously the bottom of the pecking order. But now he's the head honcho. How's Tripp doing with his family?

Anonymous said...

Joker is an awesome looking yearling. That is usually the ugly stage. I understood he was in the competition. Is Brian pleased with the start he had? What state had he been to? Are you keeping in touch with his yearling trainer, or am I totally confused? Tandee is looking so good for 27!

Karen C. said...

You are not confused at all. Brian has not made contact with Joker's trainer yet. Joker will act like he has been messed with one minute, then scared to death the next. I told Brian to walk by him and ignore is working wonders! Joker can't stand being ignored! Ha!

Hi Tracey, I have been informed that Tripp has some new hyde showing...guess I will see how bad when I get home! Brian said in spite of that, he seems to be doing well, and is even pretty high on the pecking order.

I can't wait to get home to see him! :-)

Angela said...

Girl, I can't wait to see you and Brian at the expo...We had someone back out and I almost had to beg you to come with Tripp, but we found someone willing to do it...

Be safe and see ya soon!