Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crazy Woman on the Loose!!! Look out!!!

That would be me! The crazy woman on the loose...

I am having withdrawl from my blog - and my camera! I am just going crazy! We have had an overly wet season and the mud won't dry out because it isn't warm enough on the the dry days, we have over 2 weeks of hunting season so I can't head out to the trails to ride, and did I mention I don't have my camera???

You know how it is, when things work, they are great, but when they don't - argh! The computer broke - thankfully it was a quick fix that warranty took care of. My photo printer has been acting up for a while - won't feed the large paper thru without being force fed - but it started making lines on the photos and that is when I took it in. They said nothing is wrong with it, that maybe it is the ink cartridges. That won't fix the paper issue that they say isn't there (I have had to force the paper thru for a while now). I also don't see how the ink cartridges would cause lines, but when it gets here, I will try new ones. I am not going to say it is operator error on this one...I have had it long enough and know better. But I will check just to humor them. And if the cartridges fix it - I will admit I was wrong. :-)

The camera - now this one is driving me crazy the most! I took it in, they replaced the lens, I got it back and the zoom would not work, and once in a while the shutter door would not close when I turned the camera off. I took it back in 2 days later after playing with settings, etc., and two people tried to help me, and one of them saw the shutter door get stuck open. They said I needed to send it in again. I was not happy, but what can ya do?
After they had it another two weeks, I get a call and they said nothing is wrong with it, that the zoom is working and holding the focus. (it was a message on the machine so I could not ask questions) My theory on this one is they fixed it and they are blaming it on the crazy woman who doesn't know how to work her camera. That way it doesn't mess up their percentages on 'come-back' items. At this point, they can call me crazy all they want as long as it works when it gets back.
Why I don't have both items back yet - I don't know. I am hoping this next week...
What I am thankful for is for having problems like this - because in the big scheme of things, these really are not problems. It could be a whole lot worse, and I know that.

So, I am going to make lemonade even tho I don't drink it...I picked a few random pictures to post....I love photos!

Mustangs in the woods...

My sister used to live south of San Francisco and we went out to visit a few times. We loved it out there! Driving up and down the coastal highway, stopping to whale watch (can't find those pictures...will keep looking), and heading to Santa Cruz to hang out on on the pier....TO EAT ICE-CREAM! YUMMY!!! The sea gulls hang out close, and there are seals at the bottom of the pier and bark is so cool! My sister and her husband have moved to Maryland, so will have to find cool stuff out there.

This was a summer shot of course - and before Flash went to his new home. Flash is the paint, then from left to right we have Nevada, Stormy and Epona.

Then of course I have to sign off with Batman! He is still doing well, and he is a roly poly right now! He was showing off his new teeth this summer...

Today I spent all day out in the barn cleaning and Batman hung out with me. I sat down on a pallet and rubbed and scratched on him for over an was all about him and he was happy. Okay, so was I! I was remembering his birth, his discovering his legs, his zooming around, and then the stress of having to take him to the auction. I was really counting my blessings again today...I am so very lucky! He is 28" tall now!
Funny Batman story...when I was inside the barn cleaning, he was in there too. I had turned around then heard this "thump thump thump" and when I turned around to see what was going on, I see that Jester the donkey is standing there and Batman is double barrel kicking him in the chest! Jester did not even twitch, but Batmans ears were back like he meant business! It was so darn funny! Brian thinks we need to get him a mini friend...but you can't pick friends for them. What if we get one he doesn't like? He insists on having a mustang buddy, so for now that is the way it will stay.

Well, this is it for now...
Hope everyone is doing well!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who will get his picture taken once his person gets her camera back. :-)

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patti said...

Karen you are just too cool. I have missed your blogging (and have gone into a semi withdrawal over it) so glad to have you back at it again. Patti