Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fixed camera...donated hair...enjoy sunshine...

My camera has been out of commission for quite a while - had to send it off to get fixed. Even tho it is only 5 months old and I bought a service contract, it still had to be sent off. I was not happy...BUT I AM NOW!!! I got it back, and it all works except for the zoom. I need to pull out the manual and check the settings before I over react about having to take it back again. :-)

Last week I went to lunch and got my hair cut. I am one of those lucky old people - my hair grows fast. Okay, I am not old .... only mid 40's, but it still grows fast for my age. I have donated it twice to Locks of Love and headed back in this time for the same thing. I found out that the place does not support Locks of Love any more because they found out that LoL was selling the hair for profit. Now they donate it to Wigs for Kids. The whole point is donating it to the kids, so I was on board.

I went from a pony tail that looks like this.....

To a pony tail that looks like this...please take note that Batman is helping me sport my new do...

Usually they just wack off the pony tail, but this time they put it in 4 braids and then cut it.

It feels weird, it is shorter than I thought it would be, but I still like it. In a couple of years I will be able to do it again unless the growth starts slowing down. I had to donate at least 12 inches, which means I lose about 14 or more. It takes 60 pony tails to make a wig - amazing!!! I am grateful that I have never been in a position to need something like that, and lots of thoughts and prayers go out to those kids who are having to grow up way too fast.

We have had a week full of sunshine...and it is WONDERFUL! There are still some muddy areas believe it or not, but I can at least navigate around them...

Look Ma, no rubber boots! I was so sick of wearing my rubber mud boots - made me want to spit nails!

Batman and my older mare Tandee are buddies. Tandee does not tolerate anybody else sharing out of her feed pan. He does have his own right next to her, but he chooses to eat out of hers...

And she doesn't hesitate to push him out of the way when it is her turn. She is a messy eater and it ends up on top of his head. He is like a mini hoover vaccuum...he also eats up what she drops. It is the beet pulp that is so messy.

Last night I was testing the camera...Tripp and Millie look like they have in inner glow...

These are all going to be out of order...just camera testing. Close up shots turn out okay - just the zoom is having issues focusing.

Of course I have to test the self portrait setting...hee hee

Me and Batman...look at those bangs of his...the wind just swooped them back!

Another self portrait...

Remember that big white chick we raised? This is him next to one of the young but almost grown up turkeys! Look at his little beard sticking out...isn't he cute? I thought he got sent to the Amish to get butchered, but Brian saved him for me! Yay! Thank you baby!
So far this guy doesn't cause any problems, and as long as he doesn't fight with anybody, he can stay. He is not totally huge, but he is pretty big. He is getting black tail feathers. Of course when I tried to get pictures of him he skedaddled himself the other direction.

Yesterday the yard was firm enough to let the small group out to munch on grass...Batman is hanging out with the donks and Chase the llama.

Today Ajax and Zjax were just hanging out on the dirt pile.

"WHO? US?"

Last night Ace (rescue mustang from last Fall) and Susie wanted to know what I was up to, and they offered to help.

Today we spent the whole day building a large shed. In my head, these kinds of jobs go so quickly and without any problems. In real life they go very slow...but it will be worth it when we are done. Brian's Dad is coming down tomorrow to help set posts for an addition on the side of the barn, so more work that will be worth it. Plus we get to see his Dad - it has been a while. My Dad died in 1984, and Brian's Dad reminds me of my Dad in a lot of ways. :-)

I did get a Copper update. Copper has been at the trainers for a few days, and yesterday they walked, trotted and cantered! YES! CANTERED! Matthew said that he cantered him on the lunge line the day before and he did some crow hopping, then when he rode him he did it too. I asked if Copper committed to the buck, or was it a light crow hop? Matthew kind of half laughed and lightly said "Well, he committed..." OH! Bad Copper! I have to tell you I was so excited! That is just in a few days...imagine what 30 days will do! They are going to call again in a week or two, and they are going to try to get some video for me. I am so happy for Copper! Getting that much more training is going to help him be a successful mustang! :-)

Hope everyone is doing well!

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is glad the competition is gone! Ha ha!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pony tail comparison shots, that is so nice to donate. Also love the updates of cute Batman. I am so glad you got him.