Thursday, November 26, 2009

Got my camera back...and it will be going back again!

Okay, as you know, took camera in, they replaced lens, I got it back and the zoom did not work. Got phone call that said it worked for them - nothing was wrong. They mailed it back to me - as in by UPS! They did not send it back to the store like they usually do....
Anyways, the zoom still doesn't work! Oh it does if you are already up close to something then zoom in on it. The whole reason I picked this camera was for the zoom and the size of the camera. Mostly the zoom. I hope they are open tomorrow...and if not, I am headed back to the store on Monday with camera in tow!

Here is an example...this shot is at normal distance. When I tried to zoom in I would get about to the 1/2 way mark, and it would not focus. It tries...and you can see it focus for a second, then it goes to blurry. If I was standing close to her, I would have been able to zoom in just fine.

The chunky rooster is the one I tested with me being close. I got zoomed in on his head pretty good. When I maxed out the zoom is when it got blurry, but I was only a few feet away from him. This is the white chick that was so big when he was little. He is kind of a goofy guy...he got to stick around. We took a bunch of chicken to the Amish to prepare for the freezer. There are 3 roosters that I just love, and he is one of them. As long as they don't fight, they are all safe.

Flash is a large pony we rehomed during the summer with the agreement that he comes back here if they can't keep him. They are going thru some family 'stuff' and could not keep him, so he is back. He is the best trail riding horse and will do about anything you ask, but he is kind of a tank with no manners. He had a couple other big horses and several acres of thick grass as he is back to grass hay and mud. Good! He could stand to lose a few...he is a chunk!

Took this when I was camera testing...he's a pretty boy.

This really makes Brian mad! Hee hee!!!! Sometimes I let the donks, Tandee and Batman in the yard to eat grass and fertilize. Do you think the donks would munch on the grass? Yes, for a short while, then they head to the round bales stored in the front. They had been eating on the back side of this one, so when Brian gigged it with the tractor, the other side was eaten out like a donut! HA HA HA!!!! And here the donks are munching away!!!! HA HA HA!!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!
Hug your horses today...and tomorrow...and every day after! :-)

Until later...Karen and Tripp who loves hugs!

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