Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunny day for horse time and building time...

Today was the day of starting the new addition to the barn. It is just a canopy that will consist of extra shelter, place to park and store things, and hay storage. Brian and his Dad started that, and I made a few minutes for horsey time. I missed out yesterday and did not want to miss out today too.

Nevada is a mustang we acquired a couple years ago and he was already started. He is as big as Copper, but already filled out. I worked him on the ground a while, then got on him bareback and with a halter. He did pretty darn good for not being ridden for a long time! He has a dreamy was fabulous! Brian hollered at me and said "You are doing a great job with my horse." (Brian wanted me to get Nevada warmed up so we can go riding together) After riding Nevada again, I am thinking he should be my horse. Hee hee!

Look into my eyes...

Nevada kept walking towards me when I was trying to get a picture of him. A good problem to have! How many people do you hear say "I just can't get away from my horse, he just keeps following me!" It is usually the opposite! Ha ha! He is a big pretty boy, and such a pocket pony! He loves people!

After Nevada I worked with Tripp a while. The little stinker did not want to get caught, so I followed him around until I could get around to catch his eye. Once he looked at me and I could get him to face me as I moved around, I knew we were in business. He fell right back in to the old routine.

He has these scabby things all over his back, so when I hopped on he seemed uncomfortable. Once when I tried to reposition he brought his head and neck straight up and he grunted, but he did not move. I slid back into the place I was and he relaxed. He has forgotten how to walk forward. I don't know if he really forgot, or if he was uncomfortable and just did not want to move. I did move his front end around, and his hindquarters around, then I called it a day. He had done enough ground work and he did not give me a playful buck when I got was good. I will work on those scabby things then get on again. He is a luv bug too, and he and Nevada are good friends. They will do well on the trail together.

Look at his mane. At the 2008 EMM it was mostly scrubby and sticking up. I never trimmed grew out even by itself. Yay!

I was playing with Photoshop...this is called Glowing Edges...

Look into my eyes....and ears....

Body shot...looking all cute!

And what is a morning of fun without a self portrait? Don't know because I have never NOT done a self portrait while having fun! HA!

Jester the donk was not to be left out. Actually he was my victim when I was trying out the zoom on my camera. It still does not work. Brian was right, it is the settings, but when I change them, they go back to the old settings. I will be taking it in tomorrow! I am still not saying it isn't user error, but I think I am doing the same thing I did when I first got the thing.

Look into Jesters eyes....

It was a great day! Lots of sunshine, light breeze, we got a lot is good!

Until later, Karen and Tripp who loves his girl! (that is me!)

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Anonymous said...

I was Anonymous previously, I don't know how that happens. Tripp looks like a Friesian, what a lovely mane. He does look like he is glad the competition is over. Nevada sure has a large star/diamond. I have never seen one that large. He did so well I can't wait to see your trail ride pictures, what fun it will be to ride with Brian! I hope the camera is working right when you make that ride. That is wonderful you had Copper so ready for starting the next level.