Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Batman Video

Okay, Absofreakinlutely Awesome Productions is back in business! I will admit this is not one of our best, but I did the best I could with what I had. With the ground so uneven Batman has not had very many romps around the barn lot. We were taking round bales out and we caught him running around so I got a short part of it recorded. He was bucking and jumping in the was hilarious! And this folks is the reason I am no longer allowed to take the camera out of the case when we are moving hay bales. Because I am warm and toasty from moving around thru gates, cutting off netting, etc., and Brian is cold while he sits in one place on the tractor with Arctic wind chills watching me run around getting pictures and video....hee hee!

We were moving bales again the night before and I was growling. I left the gate to the yard open because it was easier, and the donks, my Arab mare and Batman went into the yard. All of them were running and playing in the snow in the yard - it was awesome! Nothing like three donks running and bucking, then running some more with noses straight in the air. At the end of the play time I called them back and the Arab mare (Grandma Tandee) was running back to the gate with Batman on her heels. All of a sudden he got a big burst of competitive energy and that tail went up and he shifted into another gear! He was racing her! And I did not have my camera with me because I knew I would try to sneak in a time to use it while Brian was all cold on the tractor. The big baby....
Anyways, I am hoping to get some more video of him soon. Batman, not Brian.

Everyone is doing good. We hit about 50 degrees today, which was a bonus considering we were only supposed to be in the 40's.

Until later...Karen and Tripp
P.S. Brian really isn't a big baby...he is actually very tolerant of me at times like this. I love you baby!

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nikki said...

LOVE the video! That Batman looks like such a stinker. Are any of your burros from the BLM?