Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's cold out...but not too cold for pictures!

It is still winter, cold, dreary, and I really need some sunshine to feel better. At least I have my camera back, altho picture taking in this weather is a challenge. This past weekend was a good one with pretty frosty mornings.

Hmmmm, someone appears to be bored with my photog actions.

Another snowy nose of Tripp...he says he can't help it....he knows that snowy noses make me giggle.

Tripp says: "Hmmmmm, if I lick this pole will my tongue stick to it?"

Tripp heard that if he does it just right, he can blow steam rings out of his nose...

Millie and a couple of her posse...

Chase the llama munching away...

There have been a couple of different mornings that there were tracks in the snow in the back yard. The tracks on the right are deer tracks. It came right in the yard, made a couple of circles, then jumped the fence close to the front yard. I take it the dogs were asleep.

Pretty sunset over corn field...

Cats being all cozy...perfect harmony between the two...

Okay, this might look weird to you all. I built two small snowmen on top of the hood of my old Jeep. We got more snow and they got buried - only their heads were sticking out. It hit me funny...and still does.

My older mare gets a special mash food made up for her - she is old, she has earned it. Batman tries to cash in on the treat...I used to keep Tandee's food dish lower, but Batman would eat his food, then start in on hers. I moved it up one level and now Batman can't reach it. Oh he was mad! He made faces, he stomped, he shook that little head of his...yep, just mad!

Batman says "Hey lady! What are you doing to me?"

Ace the mustang who is growing up...

Tripps frosty nose...

Tripp has had a lot of time off and things are going to change. The end of February is our local BLM mustang adoption, and I am going to take Tripp to meet and greet people. He used to love people and attention, but he has got used to being just with the horses and us, so sudden movements startle him. It won't take long for him to get back in shape again.
When we used to visit the adoptions I would watch the people who showed up with gentled mustangs to show people how wonderful these horses are. I dreamed of being one of those people...and now I am! I am so excited! I hope the weather holds out, and I hope we have a successful adoption.

Today was about 50 degrees and I went out to feed tonite in a sweatshirt and jeans - no coat or coveralls! Woo hoo! I also got mud on my boots. Normally that would annoy me, but today it made me happy. :-)

Hope everyone is dealing with the winter okay.

I saw a neat quote the other day....God loves us because of who God is, not because of something we have or have not done.

Until later....Karen and Tripp who is going to hob-knob at the BLM adoption!


Anonymous said...

I love watching Batman run! He is so cute! I liked when your mare got in the way and he slammed on the brakes and waited impatiently for her to move out of his way. Enjoy your warm weather!

Mary B.

Karen C. said...

Hi Mary, thanks for checking out Batman. I will let him know you watched him run - he will be happy! Ha ha!
He did show his impatience at having to wait for Grandma Tandee to move, didn't he? He makes me laugh!