Sunday, January 17, 2010

Went to visit T.I.P. horses today...Tiger and Wyoming...

Yesterday we had our day planned out. We were going to go visit Wyoming to see how he was coming along, then we were coming back home to get some stuff done. The weather has not been good for riding, so most of the horses where he is at have just been hanging out. Yesterday it was foggy and damp, but the drill team, the Jack Knife Hollow Hick Chicks, were going on a ride. We got there and the group had already started gathering horses.

Wyoming was brought into a small pen to get ready.
He is quite the fuzz ball! His hair is so long compared to last winter and his color is a fiery bright shade of brownish red. Can't wait until he starts shedding to see how much he changes.

Here is one of the barn mascots.

Marissa is the gal who has been riding him and working with him. It is muddy and everyone was on a mission, so no back flips - BUT...she has been doing back flips off him. Here she is saddling him getting ready to go.

Wy was led out into the barn lot area and he thinks he is getting another treat. The girls really like him. :-)

He remembers how to do a self portait! Yay!

Marissa was going to pony him for part of the ride, then swap horses. I wish we could have stuck around to see them ride him, but they were going to be gone a couple of hours and we had to hit the road. We were invited to ride...maybe next time.
Here is Marissa on her Arabian, getting ready to head out with Wy.

Leaving the barn lot. Wy fell right into place, ready for an adventure.

The group is heading down the road with the farm dogs following along.

Here is a shot of the whole group. Wy is towards the back to the right side of the white horse. How fun!

On our way out we stopped to take a picture of another horse and we saw the pig. This is one happy pig! I snapped this picture and as we headed down the road further, we saw another happy pig.

We got back to town and were having lunch, then Brian asked if I wanted to go visit Tiger. Sure! Why not? Our adventures started over an hour East of town, now we are headed a couple hours North of town. Away we went....

Tiger looks fantasic! He has just been hanging out with his new family of horses and he looks so good!

He remembered too! Woo hoo! Self portait time!

Me and my boy...I mean Justin's boy. Hee hee!

Tiger is in the rear, and Fancy is in the front. They look like they are related but they come from totally different places and times. Can you see the mane on each of them? Tiger had a beautiful mane, and somebody chewed it off! ACK! Now he and Fancy have the same mane.

This is Abby on the left and her 'baby' Ginger on the right. They are also part of Tigers family.

It as a fun day and we got to see both boys. Tiger is perfectly content in his little world. He thought he would walk away from me, so I kept following him until he faced up to me. I worked him in both directions and he remembered pretty quick what his job was. He followed me one way, then the other, then we walked back to the hay pile.
The girls had Wyoming under control so I just stood back to watch. I think he is happy getting out and about, and he has settled in quite nicely. He is still the thinker - watching everything that is going on. I can't wait until Spring gets here and he gets fit again. I also am excited to see what his color does. Will that bright fuzzy hair bring us back to his dark awesome coat, or will it change too? Time will tell...

Until later...Karen and Tripp


mkyamse said...

I love how you are following up with them. That's awesome.

Jill said...

I love all the fantastic snow pictures and the captions. You should write for Conan, you are so good with funny comments. It was great to see Batman Returns too. The positive note regarding Wy is he is working and learning and getting those valuable miles and hours of experience. Sure it would be easier to just stand around and eat, I should know, but he is taking the working horse route. I am sure like people, he will be all the better for it. I am glad you got to have a happy reunion with Tiger and that they both remembered self portraits.