Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowy Snowy Night...

When I went out to feed last night, it was snowing and cold out. I was as crabby as I could be - just sick of the weather. Then I looked at these guys...the picture does not do it justice! All 3 donks were looking at me with their little snow caps on their head. I don't know what it was, but I burst out laughing and was tickled enough to run back inside for the camera. While water troughs were filling, I took a few pictures.

Wendigo - "Mom, did you see Tripp making faces at me?"

Tripp: "Ptooey...did not!"

Wendigo drinking...this turned out to be a neat picture with the ripples of the water in the tank and the blanket of snow on her back.

There was a thick layer of snow across the back of the donks, and it looked a lot like a fantasy fictional critter. Especially when they would flex to turn and look at was like the spine moved.
They do alright in the snow, but just tonite we were talking about moving to the desert. We as in me and the donks. :-) They are in agreement, and Brian will get used to the idea. :-)

The thing about taking pictures in the dark is most of it is guesswork whether I am actually aiming at them or not. After this shot, she would not cooperate, so I am stuck using this one. No worries, she is still cute even with her head cut off.

I was not sure how this was going to turn out...this is Joker looking at the rest of them. Joker and a couple of the others eat their snacks under the canopy, and the rest of them share two long feeders. Joker is the 2008 EMM yearling (now 2 yr old...oh, 2010 makes him coming on 3) that Brian adopted. I am always amazed at how slowly some of the mustangs develop. I know he is growing, but he still looks like a kid. He has awesome legs and feet...can't wait until he is ready to ride.

What is a snowy night without a self portrait? I don't know because there hasn't been one! HA HA!

Flash the 'tank' wishing I would put the camera down and take care of business. He is ready for a snack. Again.

Aaaahhhh yes, Chase the llama. This weather gets to everyone, and Chase is no exception. Doesn't it look like he is ticked at me? He was actually trying to move away from me when I picked the camera up so it looks like he is telling me what for. He is something else! Most days are great with him, and there are some days when I remind him that Spicy BBQ Sauce makes everything taste good. Did you know they eat llamas in other countries? I have told him that too! Of course he has no idea that I would never eat him. :-)

Sweet little Ace is growing into quite a handsome horse - just not in the snow. I can't wait to find out what he enjoys doing...I hope it is trail riding, but then again he needs to be a little more versatile if I am going to prepare him for a new home. :-)

And last BUTT not least.....

Something about frosty and snowy butts. Altho I would rather have warm shiny butts to take pictures of.

Hope everyone is staying warm and safe.
Hugs to you all!

Until later...Karen and Tripp the tongue sticker outer


Amber said...

Lovin the butt pictures! Thanks for sharing! *grins*

Karen C. said...

Hi Amber, aren't they great? Do you know how many butt shots I have? Lots! And I can't seem to get enough...ha ha! Thanks for checking out the blog. :-)