Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What has Wyoming been doing the past month???

Whatever he wants! :-)
Wyoming has been getting good groceries and taking it easy. I was out of town for 3 weeks for work, and was pleasantly surprised when I got home! Not only was he shed off and all shiny, he also had a little bit of butt muscle and his top line and gaps between the ribs are filling in! Yay!!! Brian has also been working on Wyoming's table manners, so instead of him shoving us out of the way (which really did not last very long) he politely waits, and if he does break the rules, he does it gently. I can deal with that.
Our only big surprise was when I was deworming the other night.  I shifted the tube so I could change hand positions on the lead rope and he freaked out, flew backwards, the lead rope zinged thru my hands and I was left standing there saying "WHAT THE?????"  Let's just say deworming was not near as easy as it was before he left.  It took a long time of working with him, but he finally took it.  I could tell he was not happy about it, but he at least did not panic like he did a few times.  After I got it done, we worked some more.  He came back here totally weird about his mouth, so we have been working with his mouth a lot...massaging his gums and tongue, just letting him get used to having his mouth handled.  It sure does make me wonder...  

Here are a few pictures of Wy and his almost totally hot bod!

In some pictures he still shows some sharp angles, but he is getting there!

He and Tandee, my Arab mare, were sharing some hootchy cootchy scratchin' time!

The dark spots on him are sweat spots because it is so humid out.

Here is Tandee.  I have had her since she was 5 yrs old, and she is 29 this year.  Not too bad for an old gal, eh?

When I got back, I had to laugh!  Batman has dread locks!  I have been cutting them off.  His attention span is pretty short....just like him!  HA HA HA!!!!  He is a year old now!  I will get a better picture of him soon.  He is almost completely shed out.

A very pretty moon picture after I got home.  Being in town, you don't get to see the moon and stars real well.

Brian, Tandee and Batman are making a pact.....and they would not tell me what it was.  Hmpf!

They would not tell Chase the llama either....he is upset about this.  He thought they were all friends.  (they are....they just know something he doesn't)

Here are the donks...they have been Wyoming's other room mates.  The donks broke out of 'jail' while we were moving bales of hay around.  They wandered around a while and seemed to enjoy being out where they could explore more.



yep, it is still a mystery!

I left the donks out for a while thinking they would be happy.  When I came back out this is what I found.  Yep, they are back in with Batman, Tandee, Wyoming and the llama.

OH!   Millie snuck in this picture....she is peeking over the hillside.

Here are a couple more of Wyoming and the bunch enjoying themselves.  Wyoming is glad he doesn't have to compete with witchy ol' piggy horses for food and even tho there is an hierarchy here, it is one of harmony.  Wyoming is happy to be home!

Wyoming wants you to check out Batmans hair!  Looks like the bangs have been moused!  HA HA!  Snort!

We think Wyoming has settled in quite well and he sure seems happy again.  He is gaining weight, he is friendly when we come out whether we have food or not, and he is getting along with his friends. 
The other night I went out to feed and hollered at Wy and Batman, who were on the hillside munching weeds.  They both came RUNNING up the hill....Batman was bucking and farting the whole way, trying to be big!  Things like this make me smile!

I will be busy this summer with another EMM horse, so won't have a lot of time to work with him, but that is okay.  He can continue to shape up and he will be ready for this Fall. 

Wyoming says goodnight and thanks to everyone who has asked about him.  He really appreciates it!!!

Until later....Karen and Tripp, who doesn't see what the big deal is!  :-)


nikki said...

He looks so much better! Glad you guys have him back home, he's always been one of my favorites :)

Another EMM? AWESOME!!! Which one will you be in this year?

Karen C. said...

Hi Nikki,

Thank you! Wy sure does seem happy too...he is even more social. :-) His original adopter is very very happy he is back too.

Yep, at least one more EMM in Lincoln, NE. Friday is our pick up day! Woo hoo! A friend from St. Louis is also doing the yearling competition, so we are going to ride together and our horses will share a trailer. That will be an experience too....unloading one, to unload the other, to reload the first one. We are up to the challenge! Ha ha!

See ya!

Karen and Tripp who wishes I would just stay home where I belong! :-)