Thursday, September 16, 2010

We took a walk at the wildlife area.....

Tonite was our visit to the vet for Boom's health certificate.  One of my favorite vets moved back to Nebraska, so I got to meet a new girl who has not been there long.  She just met her first mustangs not long ago at a continuing education thing about equine dental work.  She was impressed with how well behaved they are.  NO PRESSURE!  Ha ha!
Boom did so good with her!  She did a very quick meet and greet with him, then walked around and plopped that stethoscope under his armpit!  He gave her a funny look, then looked at me....she moved pretty quick around him which surprised me.  It was not bad - just different.  She also picked up all 4 feet and he did not hesitate on any of them!  Woo hoo!  Sorry temp taking.  :-)  But I will say Boom was prepared just in case.  Ha ha!

After the vet visit I decided we needed a long walk.  It was raining off and on and the temps were very cool.  The air smelled fresh....I knew this was the right decision the minute we stepped on the trail.

Boom checks out the trail ahead.....

The only time he snorted was at the creek that went 1/2 way across the trail.  I don't know what it was about it, but he snorted a lot...then took a drink.  :-)  That is his way of multi-tasking.  Being scared and practical at the same time.  Ha!



BOOM:  "KILL DA WABBIT....KILL DA WAAABBIT....."  (Remember the Bugs Bunny Elmer Fudd episode where Elmer is a Viking and he is singing to Kill da wabbit?)
DISCLAIMER:  There were no wabbits hurt or killed during this deadfall exercise.

As we walked down the trail I would kick branches and sticks in front of him, and this branch full of dead leaves was perfect size to kick!  I kicked it in front of his feet and he barely stopped to sniff it, then picked it up to eat.  He did not miss a beat!  Because it is brown did he think it was fried?  In lard? 

As we were walking I had to get another shot of this....he was not letting his branch go!

I backed Boom into the bushes and a couple of small trees.....


(I have talked to him about his language....but he is right!)
We picked up the trash items we found.  This bottle turned into a learning tool.  I was making crunchy noises with it and he was not happy!  HA HA HA!!!!  We would walk along then I would jump up and down waving my arms and crunching it....or I would just reach up quietly and crunch it....then I would touch him with it.  Eventually he just ignored me. 

These mushrooms are so darn cute!  They were tiny little things too....

We got back to the parking lot area and I saw this grape vine just laying there with nothing to do.  So I was flipping it around and threw it on Boom.  He did not even fact he moved it out of the way so he could eat the grass underneath it. 

We were out there about 1 1/2 hrs and had a great time.  I hope Boom had as much fun as I did.  We practiced our stops and goes, backing up and down hills and into trees and bushes, trotting slow so I can keep up (hee hee) and walking as slow and fast as I do.  I would stand at his withers and ask him to walk as if I was on him, and he was a little confused at first but he got it and away we went.  We would flex to a stop or turn the other was just fun!

It was just about dark when we made it back to the parking lot.

His ground manners are not 100% (whose are?) but he does sooooooo good!  Now I just need to be more confident in the saddle so he will be confident.

I did come home early today to ride and we had a 'moment'.  I popped his rump with the saddle strings to get him going and that butt came in the air.  I did not panic at that point - I just remember thinking that Tripp does that when I ask him to canter.  Then there were a couple more hops and I was pulling him around.  This is where I don't have a clue what happened.....I think the left and right sides of my brain were both working!  The left said "BAIL OUT!" and the right said "YOU GOT HIM!"  Well, I ended up grabbing the rail to the corral panel and came off landing on my feet - and my boot came off!  I think the boot was part of the right brain thinking and was saying "WE HAD HIM!:"  Ha ha!  Boom and I looked at each other - it was a stand off!  We worked a while more, then I got back on.  He tried a couple little hoppy things and I pulled that head around and stayed in the saddle.  I flexed him both directions a few times, then we walked some more around the barrels and over the logs.  When I asked him to move his rump to the right he would get sassy with me so I would pull him around.  We finally had a good place to stop so as I was getting off he tried a little hop-rear thing!  GEEZ!  Can't stop here, can we?  So we worked some more, I got back in the saddle (did not go anywhere) then got down.  Got back up again and when I got off I bounced my boot off his rump.  He just stood there so NOW we can stop for this lesson.  I am getting ready to head back out.....I am hoping he had time to think about it because I really don't want a battle.
If it was not for my last day with Jay, I would have shook my head and said "Screw it!  I am too old for this!" but I got back on.  Don't get me wrong - I still have nerves, but I am also getting better at controlling them and I am getting better at knowing what to do.
Jay called a little while ago and if he acts up with me again (Boom, not Jay), I am to flex that head and make him move those feet...this is to let him know that whenever he acts out, it is going to be WORK!  It will be much easier to either stand still, or to move where I ask when I ask.  :-)
That is the plan anyways......

Have a wonderful day everyone!

Until later....Karen and Tripp who knows he is 100% angel (he forgets....he went thru his little devil stage, but I let him think he is 100% angel)

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