Sunday, November 14, 2010

Levi's sending off party....

Today is the day....Levi goes to the eye doc to prepare for his 'new eyes'.  Levi threw a sending off party for himself, and a few members of the Wild Women of the Frontier group showed up to send him off, along with a couple extras....myself and Beth.  :-)  Levi talked the two leggeds into making chili so we would not be hungry.  It was mighty tasty if I say so myself!  Nice and thick, just the way I like it!
The Wild Women of the Frontier group ( made a donation to Levi's eye surgery and had a small fund raiser for him, that they presented today, and they wanted to send him off properly.  Levi has touched so many people....and so have Jay, Brenda and their daughter Megan.  They have worked so hard to make this surgery possible for Levi, even selling some of their own items BEFORE they could officially adopt him!  So here they are making plans for a horse that was not even theirs yet...this in itself has touched a lot of people.

Here is Levi with some Wild Women of the Frontier members:  Janice, Patti and Lisa.

 Ohhh ho did a self portrait of Levi and I get in here?  Hmmmmmmm..... (hee hee!)

 During photos Levi gently wrapped his head around as if to give Brenda a was beautiful.  Levi knows something is going on...he just doesn't know what.

 Then she kissed him and looked up just as I clicked.  :-)

 Levi is a gem!  He is letting Jay poke around his eye to show everyone what the cataracts look like.

 Enjoying the attention.....

The will wishers are enjoying the sunshine....chatting about Levi's journey.....

Beth taking photos, and me taking photos of Beth taking photos....see the table behind?  Not only did it have 3 pots of chili on it, there were these most amazing brownies!  Holy smokes!  I LOVE BROWNIES!!!!!!

 Just playing with a picture of Jay and Levi....

 Jay brushing Levi before bringing him out for pictures.

 Jay is reading the flyer that was for the fund raiser for was neat!

 Playing with photos again.....

 Going thru the food line.....there were also pictures hanging on the wall of Levi's journey before the EMM and of his Doc appointments.

Some of us chatting about what it would be like to be a Wild Woman of the Frontier.  Brenda and I are thinking this just might be too much fun - and we like too much fun!  Sure wish I lived closer...this is a group I could see myself enjoying.  :-)

 Levi is getting ready to I have to tell you, I have another picture of Levi not wanting to get into the trailer, and we offered to help Jay teach Levi to load.  It was hilarious!  But for some reason my blog is telling me my photo space is all used up, and I can BUY some more.  Does it mean for the whole blog?  I am going to investigate this one......

Here is Levi after we taught him to load (hee hee!)......

Levi's friends are wishing him well....they are taking bets who Levi will think is the best looking!

Levi knows he is going someplace...and he is excited.  He loves to travel.  Just think, the next time he gets into this trailer he will get to watch everything from the hospital to his home....he will be like a child that looks at the world with new eyes.....we love you Levi and can't wait for you to see us!

I am so glad I made the trip to see them.  It was a beautiful day for the beginning of a beautiful thing.  Levi has his surgery scheduled for Tuesday morning....we will be patiently waiting for the report. 

Until later...Karen and Tripp who is very excited for Levi.  Tripp realizes how lucky he is to be able to see...he did not know it could be any different.  Hugs from Tripp to Levi!

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